Scott's 72 Nova Smoke Show

1972 Nova Shafiroff 582 Big Dog

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Shafiroff Racing Cylinder Head Assembly
Despite what you may have been told assembling a set of cylinder heads is NEVER just rinse and install. We take you through the processes that every set of heads go through before being installed on one of our engines or before being shipped to you.

WILD 71 Chevelle Part 2
part 2: saw this wild 71 chevelle at a car show near north plainfield, nj. it has a Pat Musi built 632 cubic inch motor. he says it is putting out around 1150HP! the owner hasnt run it yet but says it should be in the 8's. enjoy and turn up your speakers!

Nova smoke show
me smoking my tires off in my 1973 nova ss

71 Monte Carlo 582 ci 5 speed
"Mom's Car" sleeper green Monte Carlo stuffed with a 582 Shafiroff and a 5 speed. Best part about it is the drag radials with white walls vulcanized to them...and the factory stock green hubcaps.