Nissan micra turbo testing on the road with 1.5bar ct pressure

Greek nissan micra with cga3de engine turbo converted by Karafoulidis racing testing on the road with 1.5 bar ct pressure

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Nissan Micra rwd turbo 600hp short walkaround
Nissan micra with a bmw 3.5litre straight 6. Holset hx 55 turbocharger. Rear end volvo 240 with 4-link. Not Dynoed but well over 600hp.

micra turbo 0 9ct no overboost new mapping at ECU
Νεα χαρτογραφηση στον εγκεφαλο...με 0.9 πιεση χωρις overBoost δοκιμουλα στο δρομο... New mapping at ecu with 0.9 ct no overBoost at all...test at highway...

K11 Micra Supercharged acceleration.

Nissan Micra k11 1.0 turbo
DIY turbo .....Engine CG10DE stock internals, 0.5 bar Boost, IHI vf-25 turbo, ga14de injectors, custom homemade Exhaust, adjustable fpr. Apexi safc II ....(No ecu (ignition) tuning... factory 0-100 16.4 sec)