3 14 11 MSR cresson 1.7 CCW in LOTUS EXIGE S w/ RA1, mock start and chasing an ADR

fun, mock start, chased an ADR for most of the session. i think he was playing with me because these cars should be way faster. kept improving lap by lap, best lap time this session and for the weekend was 124.8 This was my first time at this track, i think that a high 22 / low 23 is possible.

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MSR 1.7 CCW - 911 Turbo S with 1:23.0 lap
First time at MSR 1.7 track going CCW in the 911 turbo S. Lots of traffic makes it difficult to get many clean laps, but reeling in the other cars on the straights can still be fun.

Brunton Stalker V8 MSR Cresson 1.7ccw Session 6 of 6 6/1/13
Saturday, June 1st, 2013. HPDE at MSR Cresson; 1.7 mile course, CCW. Hosted by Apex Driving Academy. Brunton Stalker Lotus 7 replica with LS6 V8, Liberty Performance TKO 600 and Torsen LSD with 3.23:1 ratio. Tires—Avon 10.7 x 21.5 x 15 (A11 compound). Shot with a Replay XD1080.

MSR Cresson 1.7ccw 09-14-13 Sessions 1 and 3
MSR Cresson 1.7ccw 09-14-13 Scenes from Sessions 1 and 3 On Track w/ some beautiful cars--Mclaren, Ferrari , GT3 Brunton Stalker w/ LS6 Faceplated TKO 600 built by Liberty Gears 15" Avon A11 compound tires

PST Viper GTS @ MSR Cresson 1.7CCW - 1 Lap
PST Viper at Motorsport Ranch running the 1.7 CCW. Dave Fiorelli is driving. Filmed with a Race-Keeper Data Logging/Video system