Obama's armored black bus

President Obama began a midwest tour onboard a sleek highly armored black bus, August 16 2011 Price tag of the bus is reportedly around 1.1 million, there are 2 presidential buses currently in service. The bus is flown around the world in large transport aircraft.

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obamacade rollin through rochester

Massive Money Transfer: Police Motorcycles Escort Bank Vehicles
This is a large money transfer of the Bank of France using four armored Scania 124L 420 trucks and several cars full of gendarmes. Paris, France. 06.2011

Presidential Limousine
The presidential limousine is a state of the art vehicle designed to evade terrorist attacks, comprising of 8 inch armour plating in the doors with ballistic glass, a night vision camera and run flat tyres.

Raw Video: Obama Gets 12 Stitches to Lip
The White House says Obama needed 12 stitches after being injured in a basketball game. Obama was seen leaving the game holding white gauze to his lip and later nursing the lip in the upstairs of the White House. (Nov. 26)