Bagged 2012 Mazda 3

My new 2012 Mazda 3 (Skyactiv) with Air Lift V2 management (1/4" lines) and AirREX suspension. Just showing the range of height from (mostly) all up, to all down. You can hear the air compressor running a bit in the background, although it is quite loud inside the car. Also I think 1/4" lines make the car raise quickly enough, no need for 3/8" lines.

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White Bagged Mazdaspeed 3
Bagged Mazdaspeed 3 on VIP Modular VXS110 Filmed and edited by REDICONMEDIA song: Joey Trife - Highway

My new Mazdaspeed 3 with technology package
Hey guys this is iPuRpLz here aka Brennen and this is a video of my new 2012 ms3. I traded in my 12 optima for this because I wanted something different, and this is definitely that. The mazda is better looking, a hell of a lot faster, more luggage space, handles better, and just a way better of a car. The previous/first owner did some things to it already and left me a lot of goodies. Fully built stage 2, custom eyelining done by me with some plastidip, dipped rims, emblems,foglights, hoodscoop, put purple led fogs. Put my 2 12" upgraded diamonds in with 2 Jensen 2000.1 amps, a custom 4.3cu.ft. dual 4" aeroport box, all 4 gauge wiring and 10gauge to subs. Lowered it 3/4inch, and soon buying an accessport. Sure short ram intake, sure tig, sure rmm, sure breatherline kit, cp-e tip, gt3076r turbo, m2 downpipe.

Air Suspension - Can You Really Have it All?
In the past I've thought of air suspension as a modification reserved for trucks, low riders, and show cars. But what about sports cars? Is it possible to have the look you want at a show, the handling you want at the limit, and the practicality of clearing speed bumps and driveways? The guys from Accuair Suspensions say there is, so we put their Audi S4 to the test.

Mazda 3 «Last Days» [Drop`n`Roll Series]
Directed by P. Nikolaev & E. Kostsov Special thanks to O. Reshetnikova & Rub'n'Roll & DropIt! team Visit our website & and join the communities & Music: Last Days - Your Birds