Bagged 2012 Mazda 3

My new 2012 Mazda 3 (Skyactiv) with Air Lift V2 management (1/4" lines) and AirREX suspension. Just showing the range of height from (mostly) all up, to all down. You can hear the air compressor running a bit in the background, although it is quite loud inside the car. Also I think 1/4" lines make the car raise quickly enough, no need for 3/8" lines.

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White Bagged Mazdaspeed 3
Bagged Mazdaspeed 3 on VIP Modular VXS110 Filmed and edited by REDICONMEDIA song: Joey Trife - Highway

Prueba Mazda MazdaSpeed3 2013 (Español)
Tuvimos la oportunidad de evaluar al más deportivo de la marca Japonesa. Como siempre Mazda no decepcionó.

改款、降價、升級!Mazda 3 2.5s
誰說改款就一定要漲價!此次我們試駕的車款Mazda 3 2.5S,它降價了、它配備升級了、它多了中文化的資訊幕 以及稍微修飾的外型。 Mazda 3一直是許多首購族的購車首選,有家庭、小朋友,就選4 房車,單身頂多載女友的『柴可夫司機』,5門不僅一個 人開帥氣、兩人同遊空間也夠,而2.5車型也可讓你偶爾熱 血體驗他的動力性能。 此次再度感受Mazda的組裝品質,17吋輪圈完全沒有多餘的 跳負擔,胎壓設定到32psi剛剛好,懸吊的Q度與紮實度表 都非常出色。

Modified Mazda3 in Japan | Mazdas247
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