Mitsubishi Eclipse VS. BMW X5

Mi hermano en un Mitsubishi Eclipse contra el Luis Mario, mi primo, en la BMW X5

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Eclipse GT vs Audi TT from 40MPH, SRT4 canmera car joins in
Another vid of the Eclipse verse the TT, but this time the 13 second SRT4 that the camera guy is riding in joins the fun, and beats me :(.

Mitsubishi eclipse vs BMW 328i E36
Mitsubishi eclipse GS 96 non turbo DSM vs BMW 328i E36

Mazdaspeed 3 vs. Eclipse GT
2007 Mazdaspeed 3 (245 whp): CP-E Catback, turboXS RFL BOV, gold Konig Feathers with Eagle GTs. 2008 Eclipse GT 4th gen (270 whp): Ripp Headers, Magnaflow Catback, Outlaw Intake Spacer, K&N Typhoon Intake, Eibach Sportline and BFG KDWs. Songs: Adrenaline - Crooked X Collapsing - Demon Hunter UPDATE: Mazdaspeed 3 now has Corksport SRI / TIP, Hypertech Tuning, SURE RMM, Denso ITV22 Spark Plugs. Soon to have CP-E Downpipe. Should be making close to 300 whp - no idea though. Need to do some runs with this Eclipse again to see the difference.