complete hd gopro video of startup, taxi and takeoff from saab 340 cockpit

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Regional Airliner Landing- Saab 340
Landing a Saab 340B at KBGR

Silver Airways Saab 340 FULL TOUR
Join me and a group of college friends as we get to explore a Saab 340 sent to Embry Riddle from Silver Airways! Not only is this the first time we've gotten a Saab 340, but it's the first time we've ever gotten a turboprop! This is also Silver Airway's first static display at Embry Riddle as well. Included is a full exterior walk around, a look at the cabin, and a cockpit visit. Enjoy! Note: The display itself was recorded with my Nikon L840 point and shoot camera, however, the departure was recorded with my iPhone 6S since I did not have my camera with me at that point (I had just finished my own flight at that point in a PA28R-201). Recorded on October 29, 2016.

Landing in Cuba
Approach and landing in Cuba. Touching down just after a thunderstorm rolled through the area. Upon request I didnt add any music to this video. All natural sounds for this video!

GoPro HD Saab 340 Approach and Landing into KFLL
I agree this video SUCKS thanks to YOUTUBE making me choose music of there choice due to copyright infringement or the video would be deleted...skip this video and go watch my other videos. :)