complete hd gopro video of startup, taxi and takeoff from saab 340 cockpit

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Regional Airliner Landing- Saab 340
Landing a Saab 340B at KBGR

Waga Waga, Australia ( REX Training)

Saab engine start, cockpit
Start up and taxi of the last mesaba saab sf340 B+ (N412XJ) for the last time before it left in the morning to be turned back. This is also the first time I have ever taxied a saab left seat. Feel free to check out and like my FB page for all kinds of aviation pictures and videos from all over the world.

GoPro HD Saab 340 Approach and Landing into KFLL
I agree this video SUCKS thanks to YOUTUBE making me choose music of there choice due to copyright infringement or the video would be deleted...skip this video and go watch my other videos. :)