How To Tell If Your Head Gasket Is Blown

Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 46 years, shows how to check if your engine head gasket is really blown. And, If you like my car help, be sure to watch my live car talk show every Saturday morning at 10 AM CST on YouTube. I answer your car questions LIVE there. Just check it out at . And remember, every TUESDAY I upload a new video, so don't miss them.

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Symptoms of a Bad Head Gasket
The oil cap could be caused by the heat cycles and condensation. Especially on vehicles that are not driven often. and in cold environments. But the biggest indicator if a bad blown head gasket is the gas bubbling back through the radiator reservoir. This is the kit i bought This is the last video before i send it off tho get the Head gasket replaced later today.

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How to test for a bad head gasket
Here is another head gasket test video where I am using a chemical kit and comapring it to the gas analyzer for accuracy. Engine Performance Diagnostics chapter 1 page 13 Symptoms - misfire with a cold engine - white smoke from tailpipe - loss of coolant - long crank time - overheat Fix - replace faulty head gasket Tests shown - how to use a gas analyzer to test for a blown head gasket - why checking for milkiness in the oil is not a fool proof test Tools used - 5-gas analyzer - combustion leak detector 014_1 Playlist - (Chapter 1) Misfire ID, Compression Tests, Vacuum Leaks, Fuel Trim, Head Gasket, Restricted Exhaust, Low Power, DMM Related videos - How to test for a bad head gasket (chemical test) For more info. on my eBook go to This is a review of a test procedure I have in my ebook. Section 1 "Universal Testing Methods" page 13. There are other ways to do this test. I am just showing the one I use the most when looking for a bad head gasket. For more information on this topic, I have written a “field manual” called Engine Performance Diagnostics which is available at as an eBook or paper book. Want even more diagnostic training? Whether you are a DIY trying to fix your own car, someone looking to become an auto technician, or a current auto technician that wants to get more into diagnostics, subscribe to ScannerDanner Premium right here on YouTube. There is a 14 day free trial. On ScannerDanner Premium I will bring you right into my classroom at Rosedale Technical College. You will find page for page lectures taken right from my book as well as exclusive classroom type case studies. What is so special about these classroom case studies? I pull live problem vehicles directly into my classroom and we troubleshoot them in real time, using and applying the theory and testing procedures we learn during the classroom lectures. There is no better on-line training of how to troubleshoot automotive electrical and electronics systems anywhere!

This is a quick video tutorial on how 6 easy tests to detect a blown head gasket in an engine. Click here to read the full article: More thorough compression test video: If you have any further interest please visit *Disclaimer: Please use all safety precautions Local Forecast by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: