Motoped DX walk around/engine start

Walk around, engine start and closeup of Motoped. Added a Trail Tech Vapor computer and replaced a few part's since the build video. Now use a Mikuni VM26-606 carburetor with Uni Foam Filter and swapped the Stator/CDI/Coil. The full playlist of all my Motoped videos is here -

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Motoped ON OFF road Test by GuzMotoRacing
During test season, playing with carb jets main & idle + neddle and ignition timing.. Oil change..

Motoped on the beach !! Engine Power Output!
Minimob Racing, Takegawa, Kitako and GuzMotoRacing. Motopeds

custom motorised jesse james chopper#2
this has a 49cc 2 stroke engine, 2 ltr tank, chain drive, FAT rear tyre, does 52kms to 55kms (depending on riders weight)

Motoped 48cc E start Full Auto
Video Demonstration of Motopeds lifan 2 speed full auto motor w electric start. Great motor for someone looking to be street legal. No shifter or kick Starter in the way and it starts on the fly. This motor freewheels when it drops below a certain RPM in the on position and it freewheels when its turned off allowing the Motoped to operate as a bicycle. A great option for bicycle trails and places where motors aren't allowed.