WSID - Full Throttle Friday - 27th March 2009 - Highlights

Highlights from the WSID Full Throttle Friday meeting on March 27th 2009

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WSID - General Highlights - Full Throttle Friday - 4th December 2009
Highlights from the Full Throttle Friday event held at Western Sydney International Dragway on the 4th December 2009.

Full Throttle Friday 27/02/09 - Crazy Runs - VL GOD Goes 8.1
Support Australias Number 1 Rotary Channel.. Join our new website!! Click here its free!! id=110 Top Night.. been a while with the camera so its a bit shakey.. but ill continue on working on my videos hope the interviews are ok..


WSID - Bracket Meet Round 5 - 5th April 2009 - Highlights
General Highlights from the WSID round 5 bracket meet on April 5th 2009 Also features other group one testing