Bayonet to Euro LPG filler adapter

Video sowing how to fit and use the Bayonet to Euro LPG filler adapter. This filler adaptor will convert a fixed Bayonet type filler to fit the claw type filler gun, found in many European countries, inc France, Italy, Poland, Scandinavia, Portugal and Czech Republic. For all autogas requirements please contact Autogas 2000 Ltd @

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How to remove a valve from a propane/gas tank, cylinder or bottle, before making a rocket heater or pot belly wood burning stove. The battery died halfway through the 1st clip, I eventually had to totally destroy the valves on the big propane bottles and use a pipe wrench with a scaffold bar extension to undo them. The butane (blues) were much easier. 1st time I had ice forming when filling them up. New Project Lichtenberg Figures burnt into a Mirror I made Empty most if not all of the gas first, then hit with a hammer and chisel hard! Thanks for watching, feel free to comment, like and subscribe. apologies for the adverts but it all helps pay for catfood and vet bills for Mr. Raggles. My latest project here where I make a spiral staircase from reclaimed materials - Find me Bongo, Raggles and Butters at thepoultrypeople facebook page here