Mercedes Benz Service Manual Engines 615, 616, 617.91

Mercedes Benz Service Manual Engines 615, 616, 617.91 For more information: Mercedes Benz manual for repair and maintenance OM615 engine 4-cylinders 2.2-liters, OM616 engine 4-cylinders 2.4-liters and OM617.91 engine 5-cylinder 3.0-liters. Mercedes Benz models included in this manual: W115 Series: Mercedes Benz 220 D and 240 D W123 Series: Mercedes Benz 240 D, 300 D, 300 CD and 300 TD Other Mercedes Benz vehicles equipped with OM615, OM616 and OM617.91 engine: W115 Series: Mercedes Benz 200 D, 240 D 3.0 and 300 D W123 Series: Mercedes Benz 200 D, 220 D and 240 D W460 Series: Mercedes Benz 240 GD and 300 GD They have 705 pages in English that contain descriptive images and instructions for repair, maintenance and replacement. This digital version of the manual used by Mercedes Benz workshops in PDF format can be read both from the monitor of your PC, tablet or smartphone as printing the pages you need. Then the details of their content: INDEX General, technical data Engine jobs whych comprise several design groups Cylinder crankcase and crank assembly Cylinder head and engine timing, oil pump and injection pump drive Diesel injection system Air filter Belt drive Intake manifold, Exhaust manifold, emission control system Electrical system engine (preglow system) Engine lubrication, engine oil cooling Engine cooling Acelerator control Fuel system Exhaust system For more information:

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Mercedes 240D Glow plug Removal and Inspection Working on the glow-plugs of the engine I'll be using for my diesel/electric hybrid truck project. I remove the fuel-injection pump hard lines to get at and remove the glow-plugs, and compare the old plugs to the new ones.

OM616 in 1979 Mercedes-Benz 240GD - first startup in ~10 years
A "barn find" - a 1979 Mercedes-Benz 240GD. The car had been sitting since around 2000-2001. The injection pump was somewhat seized, so it didn't start. Got another pump from a junkyard, installed this, and something happened! The bad running was due to injection timing being a bit off - after another adjustment and a small drive, the car runs and idles just fine!

Mercedes OM615 Marine diesel
Mercedes OM 615 scheepsdiesel met Hurth HBW 15-2R koppeling 45 kW (60 pk) 1988 cc compleet met startmotor, dynamo, Intercooler en buitenboord koelwaterpomp, motorsteunen en een Hurth HBW 15-2R koppeling. reductie 2:1 Rechtsdraaiende schroefas.

Startpogingen Mercedes OM616
Na revisie en assemblage is de motor teruggeplaatst in de auto. In de avonduurtjes het één en ander aangesloten. Op deze avond de eerste startpogingen, voorkant van de motor moet nog worden afgebouwd. Radiateur, waterpomp, dynamo etc. ontbreken nog. In totaal waren er 5 starpogingen nodig, kijk en huiver.