Pontiac GTO


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Supercharged GTO - Short romp on backroads
2005 Pontiac GTO Messing around on some back roads having fun, nothing special...

pontiac gto v7 vortech 410 Boosted block going out for a test drive with my brave wife ( NIAHHAAHH) doing 260 KPH in no time

Blackhawk Farms June 2009 in Pontiac GTO
Blackhawk Farms Raceway HPDE organized by Audi Chicago (www.audichicago.org). June 26-28, 2009. This is one of the earlier sessions, so pretty slow.

Supercharged Pontiac GTO Test run
First Test drive for my Lumina ss car is not tuned perfectly yet still working on gear box changing at the write time and speed soon am about to take it full throte all the way to the red line