Trailer Fail

Yeah, fail...

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Trueno at NQMP April 1st Training Day
After the death of my hydraulic tensioner the night before the Trueno still makes it out for some fun at the Training Day.

Trueno dies
Second event after believing my last failure had been fixed. Nope. Got one warm up lap, one ease-in fast lap... then something goes wrong.

Trueno's Last...
Had a bit of bad luck at the last Sprint Event... Flywheel decided it didn't want to be attached to the crank anymore! Here's the clip... First lap was my fasted out of the 6 runs I completed. Second lap is when things came loose... you can hear it goes wrong after the last 2 hair pins.

Moment of ECU failure
After finding something I thought might have been the problem, I went out for another run. But instead the ECU decided to stop playing the game. Enjoy the ass cam.