Trailer Fail

Yeah, fail...

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Celsior's Day Out
What happens when both AE86 are out of action when there's a non competitive fun-day? Take the tow-car of course! This was incredibly inappropriately insanely fun! Stock open-dff air-suspension Celsior on street tyres... TEMS: Sport, PWR: On, TRAC: Off! Go!

Moment of ECU failure
After finding something I thought might have been the problem, I went out for another run. But instead the ECU decided to stop playing the game. Enjoy the ass cam.

Crown Majesta S17 muffler upgrade / removal
Quick comparison between the stock system and replacing the rear sections with straight pipes.

The Onevia's wet lap at Makotrac Event3 2014
Had the first ever wet track day. Made it even harder to keep the Onevia pointing straight.