96 Ford F-150 5spd vs 03 Ford F-150 5spd

race of the trucks, who will win?

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Few 10th Frame Shots with Total NV
all i could get on tape but me throwing a few shots with my new Ebonite Total NV

1996 F150 playing in the snow
This is my 96 f150 4x4 5.0L having some fun in the great Canadian Winter. I have a 6 inch superlift and am running 35" M/T MTZ tires. The truck has a custom true dual straight pipe with the second set of cats removed. Gears, body and paint to come!

Ford Truck History -- rise of the F-150
Truck sales and SUV sales have collapsed but the All-American pick up truck still commands a loyal following. And truck buyers are the most brand loyal consumers who swear their Ford, Chevy or Dodge is better than the competition. This was one market foreign competitors haven't been able to conquer. This short video takes a look at the rise of the Ford F-150, the best selling truck in America. S318

1996 F150 playing in the mud part 2 with vengeance!
Well the neighbors came down thinking I was stuck and egged me to go at er again. I forecasted failure and was right. At least it was a valiant effort! On the bright side I did not break anything. In the end we used the backhoe to yank me out, although a simple tug would have had me unstuck. My rear end was hung up on a previously cut off stump.