Remote Control Mowbot Explained

More Details on the Mowbot I built. This video also shows the frame updates that I've made so far. Motors were purchased of off ebay. Motor controller is a Dimension Engineering Sabertooth dual 25A motor driver that you can purchase at I sourced mine locally via Trossen Robotics at This is my interpretation of the Remote Control Lawn Mower (Lawnbot) featured in Make Magazine Volume 22.

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RC Lawn mower
Our school project Mine and Sam's RC Lawn mower. Took us about 2 days to do. Although it's pretty shitty, it got us A*'s in our project :) We also did this as a mess about, we were not taking it seriously and we really couldn't care less that the engine blew. Check out our youtube channels: technologyguy223 techtoday990

DIY Robot Lawn Mower
First prototype of my robot lawn mower. Electrical noise problems are now fixed, and now the cutter also works. See also the final and total diffterent version of my robot lawn mower:

radio control lawn mower

187 Vid
My senior project at Cal Poly - SLO. An All-Terrain 6-wheeled electric robotic brush cutter. (Remote Control for now) It weighs 420 pounds, is 17 inches high, 4 feet long, and 40 inches wide.