Remote Control Mowbot Explained

More Details on the Mowbot I built. This video also shows the frame updates that I've made so far. Motors were purchased of off ebay. Motor controller is a Dimension Engineering Sabertooth dual 25A motor driver that you can purchase at I sourced mine locally via Trossen Robotics at This is my interpretation of the Remote Control Lawn Mower (Lawnbot) featured in Make Magazine Volume 22.

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Diesel-Elektrischer Rasenmäher (Seniorenmobil)
Ein enthusiastischer Dieselmotorfan möchte unabhängig vom Stromnetz seinen elektrischen Rasenmäher benutzen und auch mit dem Gefährt zum Brötchenholen fahren können. Der 7kW Drehstrom- Dieselgenerator sollte eigentlich nur als Notstromaggregat für die Versorgung eines Einfamilienhauses dienen.

Iron-Ram Rc Lawn Mower
Rc control

DIY Robot Lawn Mower
First prototype of my robot lawn mower. Electrical noise problems are now fixed, and now the cutter also works. See also the final and total diffterent version of my robot lawn mower:

Mechanical Ground Driven Mower Made From JUNK!
I made this mechanical tow behind mower for my ATV basically from junk. Although I had to buy the rear axle, a few bearings and some V-belts, this project was made from scrap metal and other recycled materials. I hope you enjoy watching! I got the idea from a YouTube user Roadracing Mustang. His video is located at Check it out! It's brilliant! Soundtrack: Demilitarized Zone (Sting) - Ethan Meixsell (YouTube Audio Library) Donations accepted at: Blueprints available at: