1949 Buick Sedanette Straight 8

1949 Buick straight 8 Dynoflow trans

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Buick super eight 1948
Buick Super eight sedanette 2 doors 1948

1949 Buick Roadmaster. first time moved since 1998
16 years of sitting in the same spot, I am going to get it ready to drive this summer, the big Roadmaster straight 8 fired up after we filed the points, bad fuel pump, so we ran it off a gravity feed can to the carburetor.

Buick straight 8 running with dual carbs and dual Smithy exhaust

1952 Buick Starting Up
I start Betty, my 1952 Buick Straight Eight on a Sunday morning outside our house. She has a 4.3 litre engine and is right hand drive because she's originally from South Africa. She has been restored and we use her and her sister Wilma, a green and white '49 Buick as wedding and prom cars - check out www.bluemooncars.co.uk for more pics. We're in WInchester in the UK.