Turbo prelude, Bullseye Power S372

My car on the wastegate... Low Boost

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780 whp Honda Prelude Turbo - Borg S372
Dyno video of my Honda Prelude at 32psi on C16 fuel. Car uses F20B block, H22A head, S372 turbo, stock cams. Tuned with Hondata S300. This is a reupload of the same video with a new lame song since sound was removed from my other video due to copyright issues.

Prelude Turbo - 25psi Borg S372 low boost- preluderacing.com
First C16 tune of my F20B/H22A prelude w/ new Borg Warner S372 turbo. Fully built. It had a 9-13 psi spring & unfortunately all I could make was 25psi until the new wastegate arrives...then 36-40psi :)

RCautoworks turbo prelude ( baby eater )
A customers car that was done at RCautoworks, now featured all over the place 700hp / 500ft lb of torque, all done at rcautoworks. Featured in Honda tuning magazine, and http://www.hondatuningmagazine.com/features/htup_1105_2000_honda_prelude_ty pe_sh/viewall.html Also featured on urban racer http://www.urbanracer.com/articles/anmviewer.asp?a=4647&z=45 Since then we have pumped out other insane cars like our big power d series build http://www.d-series.org/forums/showcase/161033-rcautoworks-ef-sohc-shop-car .html For more information contact us at 708 599 5884 or RCautoworks@gmail.com

Turbo EF S372