Rolls Royce Phantom Interior

2007 Brand New car - just picked up about a month ago. This is an exterior video. Look into our profile for the video of the interior. Its a beautiful car perfect for weddings, nights on the town and celebrity transportation.

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Adhy' - FAKE Phantom - Dude driving a FAKE Phantom trying to Stunt and Gets Caught LOL
Follow on Twitter @IamAdhy - NBA ALLSTAR WEEKEND 2011....some dude driving in a chrysler 300 that he tried to turn into a bently flying spur/ rolls royce phantom - lol this is COMEDY TO ITS FINEST!!!!

Chrysler 300 Phantom Ed. Limousine -
Full Video of a NEW 2007 Chrysler Phantom C Vip edition Interior that we just purchased for our company this year. It has all the coolest toys

Bugattı - Rolls Royce - Lamborghini / Supercar Crashes Compilation !!
2015 NEW COMPİLATİON !!!! Incredible Luxury Car --- Rolls Royce Crashes !!! Other Videos Please Subscribe Me ------ -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Amazing Truck Supercar HD HD Rally Crashes lets Fun - Funny escalator crash Incredible Mclaren Crashes Horrible Motorcycle Crash +18 Warnıng Road Rage Usa Supercar Crashes ( Bugattı - Corvette ) Really Horrible Accident Amazing Super Car Crashes 14,000+ Stupid Driver Compilation Only 3 Minutes - Supercar Corvette Lamborghini Crash My Other Channel - Fail Crashes - - Please Subscribe !!

Car Tour -- Rolls-Royce Ghost (2011)
In-depth tour of a 2011 Rolls-Royce Ghost, giving you an opportunity to see and learn about the majority of exterior and interior features that make this the more driver-oriented model of the Rolls-Royce family. This video was improvised (i.e. no script), so please excuse the occasional fumble for words. As someone who's logged 1000s of miles with RRs and BMWs you'll have to excuse my many references to both cars, but the Ghost does borrow a lot from the BMW 7-series. I may make a video of my Alpina B7 in the future just to underline the similarity of their interior features.