Bonneville SSEi vs '67 Cougar

My brother, dad and I were all heading to a local cruise in and by chance my dad and I lined up at the light. Dad never looked over at me so I wasn't sure, but usually he messes around for fun. My brother has the camera driving the '93 Bonneville SSE behind me. So the light turns green and I launched. I got to around 60-70mph and let off because I thought dad didn't get on it. Of course as soon as I let off I realized he was a'comin' quickly. But by then it would have only created problems had I got back on it since the road narrows to one lane and we would have got there at the same time, so I had to let him go. Turns out he was just fooling with me, letting me get out and then reeling me back in, however had I stayed on it, I would have still been ahead. So obviously in his eyes he won, I think I had him for where we were, but the Cougar is without a doubt much quicker, not denying that.

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Grand Prix GT vs Bonneville SSEi
Bonneville is stock. Grand prix has intake, downpipe, and HV3. Grand prix left it in second so it didnt shift...

Bonneville SSEi 0-100mph
Got a new camera mount and decided to try it out. Also realizing at the same time I had an outdated 0-60 or 70 vid from two years ago. So there's the update! :D 0-100mph, TCS was off. I'll do this again soon w/o so much wheel spin. I'm having KR trouble so I'm back on the stock size Supercharger pulley. You'll see in the bottom left corner on the AeroForce Scangauge, the bottom number is KR, top was my IAT which was 5 or 6* over ambient at the time. Anyway, notable mods include Intense fender well intake, custom PCM tune, ZZP PLog and 3" downpipe with Magnaflow cat and mufflers, solid front trans mount, trans cooler, and IAT extension. Over the winter I plan to have the M90 rebuilt and give it a P&P job and throttle body as well. Get the Exhaust leak fixed and hopefully solve most if not all the KR. And by spring time, assuming I've gotten rid of the KR, I'm moving back to the 3.6 or 3.4 pulley and on to headers and looking into water/methanol injection. Or if I come across some decent money an Intercooler.

intense's now retired car, badssei running 10.95 in the 1/4 mile. not bad for a 4000 pound car

SSEi Dyno and Track
2003 SSEi Gen V Intercooled 2.8 Pulley 1.9 rockers Built Transmission HP Tuned