Pink Panther Subaru Impreza at Japfest 2012 @ Castle Combe - Session K

Onboard camera from the Pink Panther at Japfest 2012 @ Castle Combe Session K - 12:08 Pink Panther - Bath and Bristol Scoobys

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Jap Fest 2009 Spins , Drifting and Crashing
Footage from quarry corner , the best bits from what turned out to be a brilliant day.

Pink Panther @ Racewars 2 The Showdown 2012 JPOC
Footage from The Pink Panther Subaru Impreza. Problems with 1st gear at the start and clutch slipping by the end but a great day organised by Japanese Performance Owners Club.

Japfest Castle Combe 2010 Onboard Silver Subaru Impreza S2
My first ever track day in my silver impreza at castle combe. My lap times were 1.44, 1.41, 1.45, 1.36 and 1.32.75.