E-flite Hawker Hurricane Maiden Flight

Hi Everyone Welcome to the Hawker Hurricane Maiden Flight, This airplane is stock right out of the box and has the E-flite retracts installed. No major assembly issues, goes together well and is a great flying airplane. Thanks for viewing and Happy Flying from TMRC. .

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E-flite Hawker Hurricane 25e Out of The Box Preview
Hi Everyone Welcome to the out of the box preview of the E-flite Hawker Hurricane 25e. This airplane looks fantastic and E-flite did a great job on the airplane. Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for viewing. Happy Flying from TMRC. http://secure.hobbyzone.com/EFL2980.html

Le Convergence VTOL de E-flite est un décollage vertical 3 moteurs avec une transition en avion type "Rafal" et le plus incroyable c'est qu'il est pré-équipé pour le FPV . Des qualités de vol incroyable il n'a pas fini de faire parler de lui

E-flite Convergence™ VTOL BNF Basic & PNP
Please click "Show More" for links and more information. Please visit http://www.horizonhobby.com/SearchDisplay?searchTerm=EFLConvergence&categor yId=&storeId=10151&catalogId=10051&langId=-1&pageSize=40&beginIndex=0&sType =SimpleSearch&resultCatEntryType=2&searchTermScope=2&showResultsPage=true&s earchSource=Q&pageView= for more information on the E-flite Convergence™ VTOL BNF Basic & PNP. VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) RC models are usually a mixed bag when it comes to performance. If they are stable, their speed and agility is often lackluster. If they are nimble, pilots have to work harder to transition between hovering and airplane flight. The Convergence™ VTOL park flyer changes all that. Its unique design and exclusive flight control software give you the best of both agility and stability while making the transition between multirotor and airplane flight so smooth and predictable, you will feel right at home your first time on the sticks. Sleek and Simple Unlike complex VTOL aircraft that rotate the entire wing and require as many as four motors to achieve vertical and forward flight, the Convergence park flyer uses a simple, yet sleek, delta-wing design with three brushless motors – two rotating motors on the wing and a fixed-position motor in the tail. In multirotor flight the wing-mounted motors rotate up into the vertical position to provide lift and flight control along with the motor in the tail. In airplane flight, the wing-mounted motors rotate down into the horizontal position and the model’s elevons take over pitch and bank control. Yaw control in airplane flight is provided by differential thrust from the wing-mounted motors. Exclusive Flight Control Software Makes it Easy At the heart of it all is flight control software that has been expertly tuned by designer, Mike McConville, so almost any RC pilot can experience the fun of VTOL flight. Automated Transition Making the transition between multirotor and airplane flight is as simple as flipping a switch. The flight controller will smoothly rotate the two wing-mounted motors into the correct flight attitude and activate the rear motor as needed. Stability and Acro Flight Modes These two flight modes give you a wide range of performance for every phase of flight. - Stability Mode In multirotor flight, Stability Mode will limit pitch and bank angles and work to keep the model level when you release the sticks. This allows you to take off and land like a pro, even if you’ve never flown a multirotor before. In airplane flight, it will limit pitch and bank angles and automatically return the wings to level when the sticks are released. Stability Mode automatically engages during the transition between multirotor and airplane flight. It seamlessly maintains self-leveling and angle limits from one phase of flight to the other, making this the easiest RC VTOL experience you will find anywhere. - Acro Mode In Acro Mode there are no angle limits or self-leveling in any phase of flight. During multirotor flight, the model will behave like a conventional multirotor that pitches and banks in whatever direction you want it to fly. It can flip and roll like other multirotors, too. In airplane flight, Acro Mode lets you perform a wide range of aerobatic maneuvers. And because you have the forward thrust of two brushless motors working for you, there is plenty of speed and power to spare. You can even use the differential thrust of the motors to perform unique spinning and tumbling maneuvers. FPV Ready The model is designed to accommodate several of the most popular FPV camera systems. There is a camera bay under the nose and a place to mount the video transmitter in the rear of the aircraft. Both locations are easy to access so installation takes just a few minutes. Recommended FPV System – All Items Sold Separately • Spektrum 650TVL CCD FPV Camera NTSC • Spektrum 25mW 5.8GHz Video Transmitter • Power Adapter • Spektrum 4.3-Inch Video Monitor with Headset Super-Simple Receiver Installation and Transmitter Setup This Plug-N-Play® version can be flown with any 6+ channel aircraft transmitter. It gives you the option of using either a conventional receiver with standard servo connections or a serial receiver. Just connect whatever receiver you choose to the model’s flight controller. No complex transmitter programming is required. You use the channel-5 switch for selecting Stability or Acro mode and the channel-6 switch to transition between multirotor and airplane flight. Horizon Hobby is on Facebook! Visit us at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Horizon-Hobby/55340718934 Come +1 us on Google+! Head on over to https://plus.google.com/+horizonhobby Follow HorizonHobby.com on Twitter at http://twitter.com/Horizon_Hobby

E-flite Hawker Hurricane 25e - Maiden with Weird Crash
I have to admit that I am somewhat smitten by the Hawker Hurricane and "kind of" wanted to add one to the hangar. When E-flite did their last round of discounts on this plane and started selling them for $109.00, I snatched one up. Thanks to Go Go Hobbies for making this happen! I purchased the appropriate E-flite retracts and bent struts and the grand total of the plane and pieces was less than $200.00. Not bad for such a sweet little warbird! The assembly went well as it does for most E-flite planes and I had to wait for the rain to bugger off so I could maiden her. Leigh, a team pilot for Go Go Hobbies graciously offered to take her up while I worked the camera. In the video, you can see that winter has taken a toll on our field and it was a bumpy taxi and take off. Up she went, Leigh did a quick circuit to check the trim (none required) and on the second lap she dived with purpose towards terra ferma and would not respond to elevator input. Fortunately, she crash landed into a large clump of grass. The only damage was a broken prop, a snoot full of mud and the flaps decided to detach themselves. The front end looked a bit "wrinkled". So what caused the crash? I'm pretty sure it was alien intervention. The force of the crash ripped the 7 channel Spektrum 7010 receiver forward off its Velcro and in doing so, the elevator and rudder servos had become unplugged. The elevator was stuck in the down position. I wondered if the servo lead may have come out of the receiver in flight but if you watch the video, there was no down elevator input prior to the crash. When I went about my repairs, as soon as I plugged everything back together again it all worked perfectly. The servos were fine and there was no apparent cause for the crash. What do you do? Out of desperation all I could do was look over at the radio and wonder. To be on the safe side I created a new model, rebound the receiver and hoped for the best. A little hot water took out the wrinkles, a straightforward repair to the flaps and a new prop was all it took to make her (almost) as good as new. The Maiden Take 2 video will be posted shortly. Wingspan: 53.5 in (1360mm) Overall Length: 42.0 in (1060mm) Wing Area: 480 sq in (29.7 sq dm) Flying Weight: 4.50 - 4.65 lb (2.00 - 2.10kg) Motor Size: 25-size 1000Kv brushless outrunner (installed) Radio: 5+ channel full range radio system Servos: 6 digital high-speed metal hybrid gear servos (installed) CG (center of gravity): 2.50 to 3.00 in (64 to 76mm) back from the leading edge of wing at wing root Speed Control : 60A Pro Switch-Mode BEC (installed) Recommended Battery: 3200mAh 3S 11.1V 30C LiPo Flaps: Yes Retracts: Retract ready Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years Experience Level: Intermediate Recommended Environment: Outdoor Assembly Time: Less than 1 Hour Is Assembly Required: Yes - Transmitter and Receiver: 5 channels minimum. 6+ channels are needed for flap and retract use. Music: The Royalty Free Music is from Jamendo at: www.jamendo.com Artist: Re-Drum Name of Album: It's Better To Burn Out Than Fade Away Song Title: Cloud Progression Link to Song: http://www.jamendo.com/en#en/track/889185/cloud-progression Creative Commons License BY-SA 3.0 Permission to share, adapt and make commercial use of the work under the condition of Attribution. Link to Creative Commons License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/