The Rat Roaster (Part 2) [S1 Ep.13-3]

Today on GearZ, Stacey deals with one of the most talked-about issues facing the hot rod hobby-COST! Then he shows you that it is actually possible to build a steel-bodied '32 Roadster for around 20 grand. But, you've gotta get back to nature to do it! So, strap on your snake boots, buddy, because the junkyard is callin??

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The Rat Roaster - Engine [S2 Ep. 2-1]
Today on GEARZ, the "Rat Roaster" returns and Stacey finally reveals the kind of power plant that would have made this wild deuce roadster the fastest car in the valley in 1968. And if dual carbs, a blower, and about 600 horsepower doesn't get you going, maybe the fact that he's stuffing a 5 speed manual transmission behind it will! If you?ve ever wondered how to plan a project out so it makes sense and then follow it through, this is the one to watch. Then Stacey digs into the Parts Bin to take a look at some of coolest products on the market to help you build your own special ride!

The Rat Roaster Details & Billy Cox [S3 Ep.7-2]
The Rat Roaster is back! This wild little '32 roadster gets even wilder as Stacey starts adding some cool details to lock it into the Hot Rod and Rock and Roll culture of 1969. A cool microphone shifter with a touch of James Bond... a bass drum kick pedal... bobbed fenders... and a wild custom Gibson guitar to go with the car are just part of it! There is also a special appearance by legendary bass player, Billy Cox, as he talks about playing Woodstock with Jimi Hendrix. After that, Stacey gives you the low-down on the plasma cutter, and why you need one. If you like shows that are laced with equal amounts of cool and history, then this episode of GEARZ is one you HAVE to see!

The Rat Roaster Final Assembly [S5 Ep.2]
One of the most exciting and time consuming parts of any project is the final assembly. This is where you bring it all together into a finished vehicle, and where attention to detail is so important. Today on GEARZ Stacey walks thru some of the things that need to be done on a project before you can actually call it "done". Fuel system, electrical, driveshaft, these are all things that are easy to overlook and have a way of rearing their head to bite you at the end of a project. But with a little pre-planning and the right products, Stacey shows you how you can easily breeze downhill and to the finish line on a project, instead of crashing and burning so close to the finish line! After that we take a look at the amazing 90 year history of Cornwell tools and why they are considered the best kept secret in the tool world. Only on GEARZ!

Return Of The Rat Roaster [S4 Ep.10-3]
IT'S BACK!!! The Rat Roaster '32 Ford roadster rolls back into the GEARZ shop wearing a new coat of green paint and sporting a custom interior... but how did it get that way? Simple, It went for a visit to the Hot Rod Institute in South Dakota, and Stacey takes you there too, as he shows you what makes this tech school so much different than all the others out there. Then Stacey continues putting the finishing touches on this hot '32 Ford roadster as it makes its way down the final stretch to completion. The baddest car in the valley in 1969 is about to come to life!