Racing in the Rain Summit Point Porsche 924 ITB 090212

At 3:49 I catch and pass the Rabbit, but at around 5:20 I give up a lot of time avoiding a spinning Honda. The Rabbit and the MR2 I was chasing got clear away, but I finally passed the MR2 (13:36) exiting turn 5 when he slid wide. The track was just slick every where. It was so humid that a dry line never developed, and the inside of 5 was like an ice rink. Lots of fun!

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2011 SCCA MARRS 1 ITB Summit Point
On board with Beth Burkhard ITB 42 at MARRS I 2011, Summit Point Motorsports Park, Summit Point WV

Moteur PORSCHE 924 Piste powered by NGA Racing
Préparation du moteur sur : iste.htm

Honda Civic vs Porsche 924

924S Turbo Start-up and Short Walk Around
I thought I'd make a video of the car starting/running with a short walk around. The car is a 1987 Porsche 924S with a 944 turbo (951) swap. (The white thing in the drivers seat is a pillow I use for street driving. Those deep bucket racing seats can be very unforgiving on long road trips.)