McCulloch Supercharged Chevy 283 - My First Time Being Blown!

This is it! I've been dinking around with this McCulloch/Paxton junk for years, but tonight I actually made it happen! More video to come, I'm sure!!

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Breaking in 1960 Chevy 283 cam
283 roars to life after 30 years!

1958 Packard Hawk Supercharged Engine - Running Start-up and running of 1958 Packard Hawk. "The Last Packard". 289 cubic inch V-8. 275 HP. With McCulloch Supercharger. The Hawk was built by Studebaker-Packard and was the last car to carry the Packard name.

1957 Chevy 283 Fuelie FI Corvette Duntov 097 Camshaft Engine Cold Start Up
This is a completely rebuilt 1957 283 with factory fuel injection. The injection has been completely restored and updated by Chuck Smith. It has the stock 3736097 Duntov mechanical lifter camshaft. The original power pack heads have been ported and polished with larger 1.85x1.50 valves.

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