9-22-12 Ford Fairmont goes 9s from the stands

my friend AJ caught this one on camera. you can really get some perception of speed from this angle!

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Colorado 1076whp mthrfrkrs
FUCK, YES, get some of that re used head gaskets, re used head bolts, 4 rods from another motor, rings from some unknown motor, help from VS racing, LJMS and Nitrous outlet for giving me that little nudge, drove her home!

Sloppy Fairmont 5 update - This one goes to 11
another update video from the new owner for everyone to enjoy, please check out click fifth videos! https://www.youtube.com/user/BTMFRPerformance

3-22-14 9.68@145mph first pass on fairmont 3.0
1.58 60ft / 235 radial foot brake 6.29@116 8th mile 9.68@145 quarter mile 19psi pumpgas / meth

1-22-12 turbo lsx 1979 ford fairmont project video 1
first time showing this project, quick overview of what i have and what i am working with, 2001 truck 4.8l, th400 trans, 3500 converter, this car will be running ms1-extracode, and msd6010 box for ignition, and getting a turbo, Intercooler and methanol injection. i also picked up a 8.8 rear for the car because this stock one will explode if i hit it with power haha