Crossfire SRT6 getting Dyno Tune

Oct. 24, 2009 Texas T (Dallas, TX) getting Dyno Tune on Crossfire SRT6 in Victoria,Texas at Decker Guerra Motorsports. Kurt Decker 361-485-0792 Patrick Guerra 713-306-9990 Dyno done by Eurocharged, Jerry & Tony.

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335 HP Chrysler Crossfire Coupé SRT-6
335 HP Chrysler Crossfire Coupé SRT-6, loud acceleration sound on Chișinău streets, the Republic of Moldova. Car details: Top speed - 255 km/u; Acceleration 0-100 km/u - 5.30 s; Power - 335 pk; Torque - 420 Nm at 3500 tpm; Weight - 1455 kg.

ISF vs Crossfire srt6
2008 Lexus IsF mods: 150shot, intake 4000+lbs Crossfire SRT6 mods: pulley, tune, intake 3200lbs

Bmorgan's SRT-6 Eurocharged
Bmorgan's Crossfire SRT-6 @ Dynolab in Marietta, GA - Tuned by Eurocharged

Crossfire SRT6 Dyno at Buckhead Imports - 348 HP and 388 Ft/Lbs Torque
Dyno numbers are from a very conservative Dyno. Car ran a 7.5 @ 93 MPH last week, so I know it's making power.