Monster sohc

Civic coupe D16z6 turbo. 415 wheel torque and 378whp on 1.8bar and pump gas.

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dyno tuning
Tuning on Dyno for the first time with a Borg Warner S259 extended tip turbo. I made 360whp @ 6500rpm with 1.3bar Boost before the splines on the inner joint on my right driveshaft was wrecked! New Dynoday will come soon! We are going to take it to 8500rpm!;) Stay tuned

Turbo D16z6 SOHC685whp dyno pulls
D16z6 SOHC685whp Dyno pulls at VIP Performance in Portland OR. The car is tuned with Crome Gold using E85 fuel by the owner Wryann. The highest Boost we got to on the log was 40psi!! started running into ignition cutting issues but yes we were shooting for 700+ numbers.

67mm fun
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