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Jensen Test Drive

Special cars deserve special roads... Follow Mike and Edd as they test drive their newly restored Jensen Interceptor. Series 7 available to buy on iTunes - http://bit.ly/Ol53Jy & on Google Play - http://bit.ly/1qLCtAh


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Cylinder Head Refit
Edd sets about refitting the cylinder head before crossing his fingers that it hasn't all been a waste of time and money. Series 7 available to buy on iTunes - http://bit.ly/Ol53Jy & on Google Play - http://bit.ly/1qLCtAh

Seaside Test Drive
The seaside calls as the boys take their orange wagon for a test drive... Series 7 available to buy on iTunes - http://bit.ly/Ol53Jy & on Google Play - http://bit.ly/1qLCtAh

Body Spray
The suspense is almost too much as Edd reveals his chosen colour for the VW repaint...

(HD) SCC: Jensen Interceptor III Convertible 1975 - Test Drive in top gear - Probefahrt - GoPro
We make these videos because we love cars. Please help us keep making them by liking our videos. Thank you very much! Recently we came across this beautiful Jensen Interceptor 3 LHD Convertible 1975 at The Gallery in Brummen, The Netherlands. This classic car dealer is one of the largest in the world. We took the car for a little spin! We love to hear your comments on our videos. Feel free to leave one! The Jensen Interceptor is a sporting GT-class car that was hand-built at the Kelvin Way Factory, West Bromwich near Birmingham in the United Kingdom by Jensen Motors between 1966 and 1976. The Interceptor name had been used previously by Jensen for the Jensen Interceptor made between 1950 and 1957 at the Carters Green factory. Jensen had extensively used glass-reinforced plastic for the fabrication of body panels in the preceding two decades, but the new Interceptor saw a return to a steel body-shell instead of glass-reinforced plastic and by having the body designed by an outside firm, Carrozzeria Touring of Italy, rather than the in-house staff. The early bodies were Italian-built, by Vignale, before production by Jensen themselves began -- with subtle body modifications -- in West Bromwich

Jensen Interceptor
John Inverdale, Helen Webster, Tony Davies and Jason Dawe talk about the Jensen Interceptor and how this British classic was one of the most technologically advanced cars of it's time.

Jensen Interceptor 7.2L V8 with JT straight through stainless exhaust
Jensen Interceptor 7.2L V8 With a twin JT stainless system with no silencers!

London International Classic Car Show - TV Special
For many years London's Alexandra Palace hosted this annual event in early spring, it marked the beginning of the season in the classic car show calendar. In this half hour programme, former BBC 'Top Gear' and Discovery Channels 'Wheeler Dealers' and 'The Garage' Producer/Director Jamie Langton (Follow on Twitter @JamieLangton) presents this unique look recorded not long before the shows final demise.

VW Beetle - The Car`s The Star
The "The Car`s The Star" is old BBC documentary serial. This part included the icon of motorism. The VW BEETLE !

Jensen Interceptor special edition V8 7.2L 440 magnum 1972
Just got out of the garage after the long vinter, great machine, LOVE IT. Dad and son with there toys.

Jensen Interceptor S
A unique Jensen Interceptor: originally one of only 232 SP (Six Pack) cars built by Jensen in 1973, it then became - under the 'S' moniker - the first prototype built Cropredy Bridge Garage, the historic workshop and Jensen centre of restoration and know-how excellence. As the first model to undergo the complex procedure, it hailed a new era for Interceptors and sparked the first wave of enthusiastic interest when it was unleashed in 2006. This Interceptor S started life as an original model (MkIII) and went through a total restoration process to bring the car back to its former glory, and infinitely more beyond it. Its current incarnation, the very desirable Interceptor R, is now marketed at £139k+ and restoration projects of original Interceptors can run well into six-figure investments. Widely featured by the UK press at the time of the 'S' series launch in 2006, this Interceptor S boasts the new General Motors-sourced (Corvette) V8 engine and management controls, fully satisfying all the latest emission regulations. It features a GM fully electronic four-speed automatic gearbox connected to an uprated Salisbury hypoid unit. A sympathetically modified and greatly improved brake and suspension set-up ensures safe yet entertaining handling in all circumstances. Having achieved well documented and sustained coverage by classic car magazines, this specific car earned a glowing reputation and an enthusiastic reception from many a respected UK journalist. This Interceptor S, finished in stunning midnight blue metallic paint, respectfully close to the original hue, has only covered 3,200 miles since its total rebuild. A traditional soft tan leather interior complements the exterior colour making the car look perfectly at home within the English heritage scene. The 'S' series Interceptors are now more in demand than ever: thanks to the upgraded package and the quality and reliability standards of work carried out by Cropredy Bridge, this model is a true future investment as well as one which fulfils 'everyday' motoring needs for the classic car enthusiast. http://www.evo.co.uk/carreviews/evocarreviews/217611/jensen_interceptor_s.h tml http://classicmobilia.co.uk/SpecialMotorCars.aspx keit@classicmobilia.co.uk

1973 Jensen Interceptor Coupe
Chequered Flag International is pleased to offer this 1973 Jensen Interceptor III Coupe in Brasilia with Tan leather. 44,541 original miles. Still titled to its original California owner who sold it to a collector in Albuquerque New Mexico where it languished unused in a collection for 30 years. Brought out this year and resuscitated with all new fluids, rebuilt window motors and alternator, transmission service and wheel alignment, etc. Perfectly straight and rust free body with very nice paint. Absolutely superb original chrome, all rubbers are good. The wheels are all uncurbed and in their original finish (which is very unusual). Superb original interior - the seats look absolutely as they should, original with little wear and no re-dye. Dash is great with no cracks. roof liner is original but looks new. Excellent door panels and carpets. The small piece of wood around gearshift has some light lacquer cracks which is unavoidable on these and an easy repair. Runs and drives very nicely, the condition clearly reflects the mileage. Interceptors are rare, Interceptors in this condition are usually only to be found in convertible form as they retained a fairly high resale that the coupes did not enjoy until fairly recently. To say this is one in a hundred would be on the low side accept that there aren't 100 to choose from! Inspections encouraged. All sales AS-IS. Sales tax and lic fees due if delivered in California. LA's Premier Classic, Sports and Performance car dealer. Give us a call (310) 827-8665 www.chequeredflag.com Facebook.com/ChequeredFlagUS Twitter.com/ChequeredFlagUS

Fast & Furious 6 Cars: 1971 Jensen Interceptor
Fast & Furious 6 Cars: 1971 Jensen Interceptor. Visit: http://classiccarpictures.us/ If there's an unlikely star in Fast & Furious 6 it's the Jensen Interceptor. Built by tiny Jensen Motors in England between 1966 and 1976, the Interceptor is a big, rear-drive personal luxury machine in the vein of the Jaguar XJ-S or a Bristol. But instead of a temperamental, Euro-weenie six or high-strung V12 under its hood, the Interceptor was powered by pure American muscle: either 383 cubic inches (6.3 liters) or 440 cubic inches (7.2 liters) of old-school, carbureted, V8 American muscle. And that made it kind of super cool back when you could use phrases like "super cool" without irony. The Interceptor's hipster vibe has carried into the 21st century intact. There's even a micro-industry that's developed around restoring and updating Interceptors. All that is because, even 47 years after it entered production, the Interceptor is still a great and contemporary-looking machine. The body was designed in Italy by Carrozzeria Touring with exceptionally clean surfaces and a long nose that balances the weight of the huge, wraparound rear window. In Fast & Furious 6 the 1971 Jensen Interceptor is driven by a character who returns from a presumed death. OK, it's Letty, as played by Michelle Rodriguez, the once super-tight significant other of Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) who apparently died in a tumbling '70 Plymouth Road Runner about halfway through 2009's Fast & Furious, the fourth film in the series. But before Letty could be resurrected, picture car coordinator Dennis McCarthy and his crew would have to resurrect a few Jensens: four of them, and two survived filming. Raw Stock "There aren't any Interceptors that haven't rusted through left in England," McCarthy explains. "So all the Jensens in the new movie came out of California. That's where all the good ones are." It also helps explain why, though the major action featuring the Interceptor is set in Great Britain, it's a left-hand-drive model. Instead of restoring the Interceptors to their original, leather-lined, wood-trimmed and high-gloss finish, it was decided that Letty's Jensen would be kind of menacing: finished in matte gray, with massive side pipes dumping out just forward of the rear wheels. But it's not an ancient Chrysler engine breathing out through those pipes. To keep spares simple and allow the swapping of parts between cars, McCarthy powered many of the onscreen cars with GM "LS3" V8 crate engines straight out of the GM Performance Parts catalog. That's the same 6.2-liter engine that's standard in the Chevrolet Camaro SS and rated at 430 horsepower as shipped. And that's a net power rating: up 105 hp over the gross-rated 325 hp of the Interceptor's original Chrysler 383. On three of the Jensen Interceptors, the Magnaflow side Exhausts are functional. McCarthy omitted them from the fourth car because he didn't want Michelle Rodriguez to worry about burning her legs on them. Behind the LS3 is a GM turbo 400 three-speed automatic transmission feeding back to a Ford 9-inch solid axle rear end mounted on the Interceptor's leaf spring rear suspension (with new leaf springs to lower the car). To accommodate oversize 265/50R17 rear tires, McCarthy's crew widened the rear wheelwells. Four-wheel disc brakes from a 2010 Ford Mustang GT were adapted to the car. Raw Inside Jensen may have built the Interceptor as a luxury car, but it's a Spartan machine in Fast & Furious 6. Gone are the carpeting, the air-conditioning and anything else that hints at comfort. Instead there's a thick roll cage and two Sparco R100 seats. AutoMeter gauges fill the holes left behind by the Jensen's original instruments. So this car is exactly what Jensen didn't intend it to be. Source: http://www.edmunds.com/car-reviews/features/fast-furious-6-cars-1971-jensen -interceptor.html# --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------- Music: What You Want by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0. http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100608. Permissions beyond the scope of this license are available at http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/licenses/. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------- Fast & Furious 6 Cars: 1971 Jensen Interceptor. Visit: http://classiccarpictures.us/

Wheeler Dealers Mercedes Benz Cosworth 190E 2.3 16v Part 2
Wheeler Dealers Season 3, Episode 6, Part 2 of 2, Joyas sobre ruedas, Experto en carros. In Discovery Channel in English. I do not own any of the rights. Please like and suscribe.

Six Pack EFI Jensen road course
The F&B Performance six pack EFI 1974 Jensen Interceptor mixing it up at Adams Motorsports park with the Factory Five Cobras and Coupes. 2200 lbs heavier and with 65 series street radials the six barrel mopar pwered Jensen managed to run 53 second laps to the cobras avg. of 49 or so... not too bad for a near 40 year old luxury car!

Jensen Interceptor MkIII '74
Video and description of the 1974 Jensen Interceptor MkIII GT5-0374 (UC) 1 0 3 1 . . . C A R . . . P R O J E C T . . . . . . . . Subscribe and follow along as all 1031 cars of GT5 are taken out for a ride on the Mt. Aso test track. See channel page for details.

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