Fake BOV on a SAAB

A fake bov on a SAAB 900i 1987 model Having some fun for less than $10

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Ultimate Turbo and Blow Off Valve Sounds
A collection of turbo whistle and spooling sounds and Blow Off Valves for your enjoyment yes most of them are the Toyota Supra but hey its an awesome car.

Fake Turbo Blow Off Valve Sound-Simulator (blow off valve for NON turbo cars)
The authentic dump valve sound Easy set up with accesories, connectors, mound bracket Instalation time about 30 minutes Everybody knows that you need a car with a turbo kit installed so you can listen the sound of the blow off valve ( Pssssst ) But some customers asked us if the could have the sound of the blow of valve without having a turbo kit installed. So we were THE FIRST ones in the world that introduced the First FAKE BLOW OFF VALVE and now we came up with a new and improved Fake Blow Off Valve, but A LOT CHEAPER...!!!! It simulates the real turbo blow off valve sound BUT without having a turbo kit installed in your car. There is NO need spending thousands dollars in Real turbo kit just for the blow off valve sound. NOW you can have it without spending thousands dollars. Fits ALL cars, including petrol,diesel,automatic,trucks,cars.... SHIPPING PRICE AROUND THE WORLD BY THE POST OFFICE AS REGISTERED PACKAGE, ONLY 10 EUROS. PAY BY PAYPAL. For purchase & information send email to autopro@acci.gr For more information and products visit our websites: www.autopro.gr www.save4you.gr www.securetech.gr Thank you

Fake Turbo blow off Valve เสียงโบออฟวาว์ล
Fake turbo blow off Valve วิธีติดตั้ง....ผ่านฟิวส์ ผ่านสวิทซ์เปิด ปิด เมื่อไม่ใช้ �#�สนใจติดต่อ� IB หรือ 081-666-1898 Line ID : ksracingparts www.ksracingparts.com https://www.facebook.com/ksracingparts38

Fake Blow Off Valve Honda Civic
See the full build here: http://www.youtube.com/mightycarmods This is an Install and sound test of Saber Fake Blow Off Valve on the Mighty Car Mods Honda Civic...