Ford BA XR6 turbo

Adam Hargrave's Ford Falcon BA XR6 turbo 4L runs low 10s at Heathcote Park Raceway.

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Ford BA XR6 turbo - no traction
This car ran a best pass of 8.8-seconds later in the night. Ford Falcon XR6 4L DOHC turbo six cylinder powered.

Ford XR6 turbo - SICFPV
All Sparks built Falcon BA XR6 testing at Heathcote Raceway on pump fuel. Ford 4L DOHC turbo six engine.

BA XR6 TURBO PROJECT ..... How fast for 2k total outlay ???
Picked up another BA ....this time a turbo model so easier to set up. Am going to see how fast I can get it with a total outlay of $2000. Any parts I sell I'll take off the total . So far cost is $700.

Jose Fernandez - XR6 Turbo powered EX V8 Supercar around Eastern Creek @ World Time Attack
Another awesome AUSSIE entry at World Time - To View the Stats of the car, click here -