Ford BA XR6 turbo

Adam Hargrave's Ford Falcon BA XR6 turbo 4L runs low 10s at Heathcote Park Raceway.

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Dosing hard XR6 turbo at Heathcote
Back in 2005 Karman Perente running 11s, this car now runs deep into the 9s. Ford Falcon XR6 BA 4L turbo.

Fast Ford Falcon XR6 turbo
Daniel's Ford BA XR6 street car has some very effective bolt on mods including a larger Garrett GT42 turbo and a switch to E85 fuel. The car still retains a stock internal 4L six and ran as quick as 9.97 on ET Street Radials.

Ford XR6 turbo - SICFPV
All Sparks built Falcon BA XR6 testing at Heathcote Raceway on pump fuel. Ford 4L DOHC turbo six engine.

LS1 Holden Commodores
GM LS1 powered Holden Commodores - Heathcote Park Raceway 2005.