Ford BA XR6 turbo

Adam Hargrave's Ford Falcon BA XR6 turbo 4L runs low 10s at Heathcote Park Raceway.

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Like a BOSS - 700hp Blown Ford XR8 - Springy Motors
Joe's supercharged modular V8 Ford Falcon BA XR8 cranks out a cool 523.7kW / 702hp to the wheels at Springy Performance. The Dyno day was supported by Penrite Oils.

2005 Ford Falcon BA AUX cable install
plug should be in the same places for models BA-BF 02-08

BA Falcon XR8 w/ Herrod Cams Drive Along
GoPro video of my BA XR8 fitted with Herrod Boss 260 cams, full x-force stainless system and herrod extractors with Ballistic cats.

drag monster xr6 turbo
killer drag car xr6 turbo black sydney parramatta 2011 november