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BMW 318i 2009 weird noise from engine N43, 143HP

Weird noise coming from my bmw 318i LCI , year 2009, 33000 km, engine N43 2.0 L 143 HP. Does anybody know where this strange sound is coming from? Piezo injectors maybe? Is this noise normal for my bimmer?


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Bmw Serie 3 318i Mecánico 2009 cod.209383 clasificar.com

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2002 BMW 318i 2.0 (E46) Start-Up, Full Vehicle Tour and Quick Drive
*First of all, I filmed this video back in May of this year, when I was still using the slightly older format compared to what I am using right now. Hence, pardon me for the mistakes and whatnot found throughout the video. Anyways, I wanted to film the whole range of BMW 3-Series model lineup available, from the E21 till the F30. However, after a long period of time of not being able to find the E21 and E30, I just decided to go ahead and post the videos that I have so far, starting with the E36 3-Series. So, this will be the third out of six videos showcasing the 3-Series lineup. This particular 3-Series in this video is the E46, which also happens to be the LCI (life-cycle impulse) / facelifted model. The E46 is the fourth generation 3-Series.

BMW e46 318i 118hp rattling noise on cold start - SOLVED
klekot na zimnym silniku, czasem przestaje co slychac na filmie, po dodaniu gazu znowu to samo przez jakis czas Any ideas? update: hydraulic lifters replaced, starts like new

Weird sound on E46 318i (N42N20)
Weird rattling sound coming from the intake area of a E46 318i (N42B20). Its not clear if it is from the visible area or if somewhere beneath it. Any ideias? Weird sound starts about 00:40

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Kamil's e30 318i. M42b18 1.8 liter 16v engine. Fully stock except for a few bolt-ons. Not very fast, but pretty peppy, 12psi coming soon.

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BMW E46 330Ci - Rattle (Not VANOS)
My 330Ci convertible has a very strange rattle coming from it. I'm pretty sure it's not the VANOS, it seems to be coming from the gap in-between the engine block and the left of the engine bay (near the Exhaust heat shields. You can hear the knock clearly through the drivers side wheel. And today I noticed a new knocking sound when in the car. It sounds like a mini helicopter is hovering in my engine bay. The car is running on shell helix fully synthetic oil put in by the crap garage who sold it to me. This may or may not be the reason for the rattle but any ideas in the comments are gratefully received. UPDATE! This turned out to be..... NOTHING. It's just the noise these cars make. It ran beautifully for another year before I sold it for my BMW M3. My advice - If you think your 330Ci is noisy, wait until you hear an M3. Stop worrying about noises and just enjoy the car. I spent so much time worrying about the noises and didn't ever enjoy the car. I am in contact with the guy who bought it from me and it's still running with no problems... The M54B30 engine is noisy - just enjoy it and stop worrying. If anything it was the Exhaust heat shield. Common noise on these cars.

BMW 318i N42B20 2002 Engine Noise Rattle
The car has 215.000km on board. It sound very much like a Diesel engine. I could find what causes this noise. It could be the pushups tappets? What do you think could cause this noise?

2010 BMW 328i ticking noise.wmv
It makes this noise only at idle, engine cold and at running temperature. I do not think is the lifters. Has anybody ever heard this before.?

BMW e46 318i 2002 n42 vacuum pump noise
This is a clip of the rattle or diesel noise which can be heard on most N42 engines around the 100,000km mark. Even though there is more than one source of noise on these engines, I think it is clear that the vacuum pump is a major contributor. The difference is very noticeable when you unplug the vacuum pipe connection at the brake Booster and then plug it back in to compare. In my video I start the engine with the pipe removed, then at 35 seconds I plug it in. When I open the oil filler cap you can clearly hear the pump noise. At 1 minute 30 seconds I unplug the vacuum pipe and again open the oil cap. The sound is much reduced. Again at 2 minutes, the pipe is reconnected, the noise returns. I was relieved that in my case, the famous N42 rattle is just a stupid worn vacuum pump and nothing serious. Even though it is by no means a quiet engine, with a new or repaired vacuum pump it won't sound like a diesel. Hope this helps someone with their noise issue. See my other videos for more on the N42 engine.

1994 BMW 318i - Whats this noise?
This noise has been present for about a week now. It only happens when the car is warm. Ive had the hose around in the engine trying to pinpoint the source and it seems its coming from the area i focus the torch on. it looks like perhaps the transmission case? That little hole there if i put the hose near it i can hear the noise. the noise does not change pitch with more gas or even if i put it in gear. Any help appreciated!

2010 BMW 318i E90 LCI Top Speed
Visit my blog: http://guitigefilmpjes.blogspot.com Making a flatout in a BMW 318i LCI (E90 / 2010).

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