Long Live The Ford Falcon.

A tribute to the Ford Falcon that is set to be discontinued in 2016.

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Australian Ford Falcon XB GT ( Genuine JG66 ) in New York
1975 Australian Ford Falcon XB GT taped at the house in Saugerties, NY, with the Catskill Mountains ( Platte Clove Mt. to be exact ) serving as a back drop. Before anyone complains, there are MAYBE 100 Australian Falcons in the country... A total of 949 XB GT coupes were manufactured, with only 123 being produced in 1975. This particular, genuine JG66, Aussie GT Falcon was imported by the owner in January of 2000 and has been located in New York ever since. There are a few minor modifications made, such as the Hurst shifter ( notice the left hand grip ) and the XY GT boot emblem, placed there in an attempt to quill questions of the type of car it is by Americans not familiar with the model. The chrome bumpers on this GT were factory option that the original owner selected and was comfirmed by Ford Australia.

2600hp Ford Falcon??? The DIRTY BIRD
One badass bird! This 1968 Ford Falcon running on 275 Drag Radials lays down around 2600hp through its 449ci Small Block Ford with a pair of 88mm turbos, watch it tear down the track at the North Star Dragaway x275 race.

Ride With Kiwi Rail 2013
A trip frim Te Awamutu to National Park where we travel through the Rarimu Spiral which includes train tunnels constructed in 1907, & the horse shoe on the Rarimu Spiral passing our trailing carriages

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