2010 Kicker CVX with MTX 1000 watt rms amp in my Chevy Colorado

i sold this truck and i have a 05 civic now in another video i just put this sub and amp in the car with a different box now ported and i think it sounds better and definitely louder

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2 Kicker cvx 15s
2 Kicker CVX 15s on Hifonics Brutus 2006. 6.025 cu. ft. ported box (building a new one soon that will be 9.8)

Civic Cvx 12 and mtx 1000xd
This is my new car. I Pretty much just moved the sub and amp into this car and built a new box. I might wrap it later but I think it looks ok for now. I tried ported and I think it sounds a lot punchier and less restricted. And as you can see it isn't bottoming out or overpowered.

MTX Jackhammer in my 01' Tahoe!!!!
I finally got this put in my Tahoe, I did the whole build by myself in a little over 1 week. I built it to compete at a local shop, to run in the 1-2 woofer class, and after just getting it done the night before, and hauling ass up to the place to pay and enter.....the next morning I get this "sorry, 15" max on subs". What kind of garbage is that, and thanks for telling me the night before. They Really put this limit on because last year in my Lumina, I kicked EVERYBODY's ass with the Jackhammer :) I've only got 1 of the 4 alts. on it so far, and I have lots more 1/0 to run, finish work and tweeking to do. But that's another video....

white girl- young jeezy cvx slappin
WATCH WITH THE BETTER QUALITY!! i dont know why the quality of this vid is so much worse than the othe one, but i put it up anyway. i just had to put a vid up with this song beatin the hell outta my truck. i have the highs set pretty high so when i back up i couldn't get the bass in the vid, but it's the best song yet for loudness i think. this little twelve impresses me time and time again. this song playin has both my garage doors rattling and the tools and everything else it's pretty cool maybe that will be my next vid.