72 402 Chevelle / Pypes X-pipe / Violator Mufflers

One of our customers sent us this video of his '72 402 Chevelle after he finished installing a Pypes X-pipe and Violator mufflers. He said, "As you can probably tell, VERY satisfied with the results. Thanks for a great product!" Thanks for the video and kind words.

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Pypes Race Pro vs Violator Mufflers - Blown 440 Duster
NOTE: This was recorded with a GoPro Hero 2 and external mic. These cameras have a documented problem when recording low frequency sounds (like Exhaust and car interiors). They can't handle it and add a distinct pop/click/crackle noise to the audio - very annoying! It is not part of the Exhaust note. Compares Pypes Performance Race Pro muffler against Violator at idle. The Race Pro is loud (though advertised as their quietest) but civilized at idle. The Violator is directional, meaning there's a marked inlet and outlet, but it sounded too tinny for my taste when installed 'correctly'. Reversing it reduced some of the higher frequencies and tinniness. Definitely louder and less civilized at idle - it screams when mashing the pedal. If you want to annoy the neighbors, this would be the muffler for you - and probably the closest thing to open Exhaust. Schumacher headers feed Pypes x-pipe and mufflers with turn downs at the axle. Hear more of just the Race Pro's here: http://youtu.be/BUi1Gk_NSm8

Dr. Gas Boom Tube Muffler Exhaust Build for 65 Chevelle
Dr. Gas Exhaust recently built a custom oval x-over Exhaust for a customer's 65 Chevelle. Boyd Butler was there to document it all, start to finish.

Loudest Exhaust Competition - Who Has The Loudest Exhaust?
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1971 Chevelle SS 454 with Flowmaster Super 44 Custom Duals by Kinney's
This beautiful big block Chevelle was suited with an Exhaust system that reflects its personality perfectly! We started out fabricating our own set of heavy duty collectors and built the pipes "one piece" from the collector flange itself, to the inlet of the muffler. This process is considerably more time consuming but visually worth the effort. Building the entire system from 2.50 tubing kept this 454 breathing comfortably and the "H" balance pipe allows for an ideal Exhaust tuned effect. At the heart of this custom system is a set of Flowmaster Super 44 performance mufflers. The Super 44 mufflers manifest that famous Flowmaster sound on the exterior yet provide comfortable interior sound levels. We reused the customers replica chevelle box style tips to finish off this masculine looking and sounding system. Kinney's requires your vehicle "in-house" to provide our high level of precise fit and finish. Unfortunately we do not fabricate our unique systems to ship so contact us to schedule your vehicle today! Check out our fantastic website at- www.kinneysmufflershop.com and be sure to "Like us" on facebook! We post our most recent videos and photo gallerys on our facebook account before here! Doing custom Exhaust the right way since 1978.