The Basics to Drive a Manual Transmission Vehicle

I feel that every driver should at least know how to drive a stick shift car. The sense of control and power that comes with a manual is unrivaled. I hope this video can give you the idea of what it takes, and how, to drive a car with a manual, or standard transmission. Car used in this video: 2000 BMW M5. Check out our sister E39Source website: BMW E65Source:

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Lesson 1 - Hand over hand steering
Accredited Driving School certified DMV lesson #1 - hand over hand steering. Click here for $15 Drivers Ed! 55+ Driver safety course can save you up to 15% off your car insurance.

How to Drive a Manual / Stick Shift-Without Stalling/ Easy Steps
PART 2 (HOW TO DRIVE ON A SLOPE/HILL ) HERE:- How to Drive a Manual vehicle - Getting Started/Upshifting/Downshifting Watch my first Car review:- Subscribe for more Manual Driving Tutorials:- This is the first installment of my "How to Drive a Manual" video series which will help you in learning how to drive a stick shift car.In this video I cover the basics about Starting,Stopping,upshifting and downshifting in a Manual Vehicle without stalling. Do ask me your queries related to driving a manual car in the comments. Make sure to show your support by liking and sharing this video. Thanks for watching.

Let's Get Started with Driving
Let's get started with ABC of driving online.

LDC driving lesson 1 - Getting Moving - key learning points
Part of the revolutionary LD System of learning to drive from LDC. This video shows the key points you need to learn in preparation for the driving lesson on Getting Moving. The video is used in conjunction with the LDC driving skills workbook. These resources together with guidance from an expert LDC driving instructor provide one of the most effective and efficient ways to learn to drive and become a safe driver for life. This driving lesson includes the controls, cockpit drill, moving off and stopping. If you want to see this approach in practice view the videos in the playlists entitled "Student centred learning" where Bob Morton supports Danielle as she learns to drive. Too many driving instructors focus too much attention on telling their pupils what to do and what to think! This approach only fosters dependency, doubt and blind obedience, such that once the test is passed they do all the things they were told not to do. The LDC approach is designed to foster self-reliance, confidence and responsibility resulting in safer drivers who learn to drive far more quickly and thoroughly. Unlike traditional instruction LDC heavily promotes student centred learning. This involves the student being encouraged to take more responsibility for their own development by using the LD System materials before and after each lesson and by using discovery learning with self determination and reflection rather than being told what to do by the instructor. In particular talk through instruction, prompted practice and long winded explanations are avoided, if at all possible - instead encouraging the student to work it out for themselves. If you would like to learn this way visit: If you want to see a wide range of videos on learning to drive, the theory test and the driving test please look at our YouTube TV channel click LDCDrivingSchools above or the link below: Click on the link below to see the full playlist of videos in this series:­wvHkvawbgS1y- IH6J8cJyJ&index=1 Copyright message The contents of this video are the copyright of Teaching Driving Limited. All rights reserved. Unauthorised copying, resale or public performance involving the contents of this video is strictly prohibited. Any use of this video for commercial gain or advantage is strictly prohibited without written consent. Professional driver training organisations or instructors should particularly note these restrictions.