74 Chevy Nova Update 58 - Hood Installed and Test my Latch Modification

YES! Finally installed the hood and tested my Hood latch modification. It was hard work aligning the hood.

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74 Chevy Nova Update 100 - FINAL PAINT (Lots of Timelapse video)
100th Episode!!! My Day at the paint booth! Lots of time lapse in this video of every step I took to get the 74 Nova painted. If you are wondering why I taped green tape to my clothes is because I wanted to make sure my clothes do not flap and touch the car while painting. Its tight against my body.

74 Chevy Nova Update 106 - Out in the sun and some BB 454 Revs
I take my buffed Nova Custom outside to look at it in sunlight. I also give that Big Block 454 V8 a couple revs. Don't forget to comment, Like and Subscribe!

Adjusting Chevy Nova Hood Hinges
Figured out how to adjust the hood hinges on my nova so the back of the hood is even with the fenders. I show you how it works in this video.

Properly Align your Hood & Trunk on your Classic Car
Please LIKE my Facebook, if my videos are useful to you: http://www.facebook.com/OperationMustang Chris "the Doc" Ingrassia (Owner of Mustang Restoration, Inc and host of his Operation Mustang Web Show) talks about properly aligning your classic car's hood and trunk lids. These are one of those areas which can aggravate the hell out of you... but it doesn't need to ;-) http://www.OperationMustang.com