Rotormaster RX7 @ FTF 18-11-11

Jason Booth Steers the RM RX7 to a shakey 7.2 @ 168 Mph.. not long before the RM RX7 is in the 6 Second Zone!!

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Datsun1200 Coupe Powered by a 2JZ Runs 7.7 at 178 Mph
Do you like my new Intro?? Please Like or Dislike and let me know :) more info on this dato coming soon.. cheers RG

motortech VL just misses WALL 8.1@170mph
update coming soon

Pac Performance - Steve Barnetts RX3 - 13B Turbo
more info coming soon

Justin Ruggier takes us for a hot lap around home bush telstra 500
Big bro back in the drivers seat at this weekends Telstra 500 at Homebush in a Aussie Legend Racing Car, He will also soon be taking over my spot in our RX3 shortly after Christmas.. Cheer him on!! Wish him luck... We will have more info and videos about the weekend coming soon.. cheers RG and Mini RG