A ride in Phil's Saturn Ion Redline with the TVS supercharger installed

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04 Saturn Ion Redline with Harrop TVS HTV1320LSJ
04 Saturn Ion Redline with Harrop TVS HTV1320LSJ - 1st track day - Apr.11.2008 - 13.11@110 - my_bd redlineforums.com

A ride in Phil's Ion Redline
A ride in Phil's Ion Redline. GM stage 2, ca header, high flow cat, magnaflow Exhaust. Everything else is stock. Because of the wet ground, his tires would spin in all gears plus there were 4 of us in the car so the car can do a lot better than this.

Epic battle! Saturn Ion Redline vs Dodge Neon SRT4
Saturn mod info, 2005, all stock internal with TVS 1320 Supercharger @ 22psi. E85, 2.7 pulley, zzp header and Exhaust, zzp heat exchanger, GMPP clutch. Neon is a 2004, has all built internals with JE pistons, eagle rods, crower stage 2 cams and springs, kinetic Motorsport 50 trim turbo @26psi, 38mm waste gate. Also on E85

TVS Ion Redline vs. Turbo G35
Racing my friend's 03 G35 from a 40 mph roll. Let off at 145 after he crept past. 03 G35: turbonetics 60-1, full Exhaust, 440cc's, 10 lbs on 91 05 Redline: TVS1320 2.6", Euthanasia ported head, zzp S2 cams, full Exhaust, ID1k's, E85