A ride in Phil's Saturn Ion Redline with the TVS supercharger installed

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Saturn Ion redline sweet mods FTW
Check out the sweet mods. Custom lip, Exhaust (that sounds like a laser gun when 2 stepped), stage 37, meth, hp tunners, some of this, some of that...

Saturn Ion Redline Stage 3 TVS
40mph-100mph 3rd Gear Pull on a 2.7 Pulley. 60# Siemens Injectors, Dual Pass, Phenolic Spacer, Intake, S3FM/HE, BadMab Shorty Header, 3 inch ZZP HF Catted DownPipe, Full 3 Inch Magnaflow Exhaust 3ftx6in Resonator. This all started with a buddy of mine wanting a video of 40-100 to compare his m62 blower on a 2.6 pulley with E85. The difference is he has a 4.45 Trans, Where I have the stock F35 Trans on 93 Pump Gas. We timed them out with a stopwatch and we both averaged around 9.1-9.4 seconds. Not a bad comparison. Props to Alan for the 4.45 Trans. :D ENJOY COMMENT RATE AND SUBSCRIBE! :D THANKS GUYS AND GALS HAVE A GREAT DAY!

Saturn Ion Spark Plugs Change 2.2L
Trying to get better gas mileage out of the Saturn. Update 5/10/15, the gas milage stayed the same or went down slightly. Going to try a third set of plugs.

TVS Ion Redline vs. Turbo G35
Racing my friend's 03 G35 from a 40 mph roll. Let off at 145 after he crept past. 03 G35: turbonetics 60-1, full Exhaust, 440cc's, 10 lbs on 91 05 Redline: TVS1320 2.6", Euthanasia ported head, zzp S2 cams, full Exhaust, ID1k's, E85