BMW X6 fail on ice in Latvia

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Bmw x6 crazy car sales man!
This car sales man shows the true potential of the bmw x6 by pulling at the steering wheel left and right on the middle of the highway !!! at HIGH SPEEDS!!! He proved it alright... This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Drift Fail: 630hp BMW E60 M5 Almost Runs Over Spectator
630hp BMW E60 M5 Almost Runs Over Spectator ---------- More info below --------------- On the 5th of May I went to a car-event in Haspengouw (Belgium). When the drivers left the start this BMW M5 lost traction to quickly and almost hits a spectator. Luckily nothing happened and damn... That V10 sounds EPIC! :D If you like the video, don't forget to leave a like or a comment, thanks! ---------- Follow us --------------- Subscribe to this channel for more epic carvideos! Facebook: Twitter: Website:

Путин о оккупации стран Прибалтики
Путин о оккупации стран Прибалтики (Латвии и Эстонии) и пакте Молотов-Риббентроп - ответ эстонской журналистке. Путин о нацизме и фашизме в Прибалтике. Пресс-конференция по итогам встречи на высшем уровне Россия Европейский союз 10 мая 2005 года Москва, Большой Кремлевский дворец. Putin about pakt Molotov - Ribentrop and about Baltic states (Latvia, Estonia). Soviet occupation. Путин поставил всех на свое место.