First EVER 2000rwhp 4g63 debut

3000 hours or research and development to build the fastest car on the planet. UGR and CTD has nothing on me. 2000lb/2000hp= best power to weight ratio=I win. I would like to thank my sponsor, Google search engine, for making this build possible.

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Opening brand new iPhone 5. Black and white
Opening new iPhones the day they came out. Black 32gb white 16gb iPhone 5

2000rwhp Lambo Super Veloce: Exclusive Review of LP2000-2 SVTT w/CTD
Here is the world premiere interview with David Wiggins, President & CEO of Covert Tuning Dynamics. CTD unveiled the 2000rwhp LP2000-2 SVTT at the Pittsburgh Cars & Coffee Hangar event recently. He talks in great detail about what it took to put together what will be the worlds faster Super Veloce having lost 550 pounds of the stock SV and 770 pounds over the LP640 Murcielago. Check out pictures on Razzi and stay tuned for a detailed interview with the creator on the finer details of the Stig to be loaded shortly. See the time elapsed footage on Robert's page here What do you guys think of this beast? Remember to like on Facebook, Share, Comment & SUBSCRIBE. For pictures of from the trip: & NOW on Instagram: DoctaM3 Like us on Facebook:

The Stig Debut! 2,000 WHP Twin Turbo Lamborghini Murcielago SV!
This was the debut of the LP2000-2 SV TT (named Stig) at the Pittsburgh Cars and Coffee Hanger Party! As you can hear from the brief interview with the owner, the car is much more than simply slapping some turbos on. This car had many party completely re-engineered by Covert Tuning Dynamics. Music is provided by and is used under the Creative Commons License 3.0: "Like" the Facebook page for more updates!

BIG BAD WOLF - 4G63 Swapped BMW nearly blows the house down!
Doing a little early morning tuning at the 2012 DSM Shootout. Matt Arruda's 9 second 4g63 Swapped E30 BMW Infamous Performance New England DSM Norwalk, OH. 20th Annual DSM Shootout August 17th-19th, 2012.