Spider Injector for 96 - 02 Chevy, GMC and Oldsmobile

http://www.buyautoparts.com/partsearch.asp?partno=35-20011_ON Here we have the OEM replacement Spider Injector for the 96-02 GMC, Chevy and Oldsmobile with the 4.3L motor. This fuel injector assembly is a direct fit OEM replacement. The unit shown in this video can be installed in the vehicles without any modification to the unit or the vehicle.

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Fuel pressure regulator- GM cars and trucks
Another video from the library of GREATAUTOHELP.com. This one shows what happens when a fuel pressure regulator fails on 3.1 and 3.4 v6 GM engines. http://www.GreatAutoHelp.com

DIY Fuel injectors cleaning
DIY Fuel injectors cleaning

Trick to fix fuel injector on 3.1l or 3.4l engine
The guys at GREATAUTOHELP.com show you a trick to fix a bad fuel injector on a 3.1l / 3.4l chevy, buick, pontiac, olds engine if you suspect it is bad.http://www.greatautohelp.com Typical concern is a misfire, check engine light (code p0300).

1999 Chevy Blazer 4.3L V6 - Bad fuel line o-ring
At first I thought there was a crack on top of the spider injector unit. After removing the fuel lines I found a torn o-ring and did not notice any cracks on the spider injector. I also did a little research and found that I was missing a stainless washer between the black o-ring and the yellow o-ring. I guess the mechanic who replaced my fuel pressure regulator forgot to put them back. I'm just surprised it didn't create a problem for over 5 years. Looks like I'll be heading to the dealer in the morning to find the kit. The order of installation for the rings and spacer are as follows: black o-ring, washer, yellow o-ring, and then the spacer. ***UPDATE*** The o-rings can found at the dealer or parts store. GM Part# 17113205 or Dorman Part# 90000 Addition info on the GM 4.3L V6 CSFI: http://blazerforum.com/forum/engine-transmission-35/csefi-supply-return-lin es-27439/ http://members.shaw.ca/betterthanyoutoo/Sticking%20Poppet.htm