Last Mini Van Race of 2008

LIghtning McChris returns with his chevy astro with a new powerplant just in time for the last race of the year. come in second behind the black #7 ford aerostar, good driving all!

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Took My Three Kids to the Track For a ride with a track voucher..... was a good time. Brook into the triple digits but was driving with one hand and filming with the other

2014 Toyota Sienna SE Update Walk Around Video - Minivan A more detailed walk around video of this van, click the link.

The Ultimate DIY Minivan RV
The transformation from Vanola to RVola - Enjoy! High MPG, perfect amount of room for 2, access to seats if needing to carry more passengers, and a rear galley. The perfect camper van! This is a DIY RV on a 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan. I designed it based on the interior of a teardrop trailer, however inside of a mini van instead.. Worked out perfect!

How to turn your Minivan into an RV -
My husband, the resourceful one, demonstrates how he's turned our Minivan into an RV. Make your own hammock: For more cool camping tips/tricks/how-to's visit my blog: