Alpha's GT30R EG vs Dario's GT30R DSM

This was from early 2006

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2G Talon runs 10.94@126 Stock Motor
10.94@126mph on a stock motor. stock head, with stock headgasket. only internal mods are arp headstuds and drop in cams. GT30R, dsmlink,

GT30r GSX 26psi with Meth
1997 Eclipse GSX fully built, GT30r turbo, 26psi with meth.

M&S Performance Supra vs M&S Performance SC300

2g dsm blown turbo gt30r
So we installed a massively stiff spring in the BOV to make the turbo giggle like a baby supra and we destroyed the turbo after 1 month.. it generates no Boost and is scraping the fins on the compressor housing.. time for a precision 6266...