Triumph Spitfire - 1965 Le Mans 24hrs (19th June 1965)

Spitfires at Le Mans (1965) June 19th 1965 From the Standard Triumph archives Commentary by Raymond Baxter This is a promotional film produced by the Standard Triumph Motor Company of Coventry, England. The film documents the 1965 24hr of Le Mans and the 4 Triumph Spitfire racing prototypes entered by the company.Triumph never identified their cars other than Spitfire racing prototypes with 1.1 litre inline 4 cylinder engines and aerodynamic hard tops.

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ADU 1B Le Mans Spitfire [HD]
HD test footage of the le Mans Spitfire at Snetterton. I have permission from MSV Limited (owners of Snetterton) to show this video on YouTube.

Ford GT40 - 1968 24 Hours of Le Mans
Wonderful period video from brake pad manufacturer Ferodo on the 1968 Le Mans race from the standpoint of John Wyer's Gulf Oil Ford GT40 team, who won the race. The first 4 minutes shows a high speed in-car lap around Le Mans narrated by Stirling Moss. Wonderful video with footage of Alfa Romeo 33s, Porsche 908s, Matras, etc....

THE GRAND PRIX CAR 1945-1965 - PART 3/3 (UK Channel 4 1988)
The Funny Cars - about the domination of the british mid-engined green funny cars - after MB withdraws, the italian domination resumes but some funny cars unlike anything seen since before WWII apear - 1959 the front engined brigade headed by Ferrari (but also including Aston-Martin, BRM) don't seem able to keep up with some small underpowered funny cars powered a water-pump engine positioned in the wrong place - 1960 the "revolution continues" the funny cars from Cooper (T51, and new T53) and now also Lotus (the mark 19; with fully adjustable suspensions) now totally destroy the stubborn front engined boys; - but the lack of reliability from Lotus means that Cooper cars dominate even moreso then in 1959 - for those not driving a mid-engined car the situation is completly hopeless - 1961 Monaco, a new 1.5 litre NA formula, almost the entire field of funny cars, the "revolution" has triumphed - 1964/65 talks about a new formula - the return to power

Vintage Racing Crash Roll cages are good
This is Mark with Zapata in second place of the last race at Roebling Road. Listen close and you can hear his rear axle snap. At that point he can't do anything but hold on. Mark is fine. This is a good reason to over build safety into any racecar. We are making a Documentary movie about vintage racing. Go to for more info. It comes out Summer 2012. We are following six drivers from Nashville for a year making a film about Vintage Racing. Mark the driver in this video is one of those drivers. Go to to see the movie trailer.