Triumph Spitfire - 1965 Le Mans 24hrs (19th June 1965)

Spitfires at Le Mans (1965) June 19th 1965 From the Standard Triumph archives Commentary by Raymond Baxter This is a promotional film produced by the Standard Triumph Motor Company of Coventry, England. The film documents the 1965 24hr of Le Mans and the 4 Triumph Spitfire racing prototypes entered by the company.Triumph never identified their cars other than Spitfire racing prototypes with 1.1 litre inline 4 cylinder engines and aerodynamic hard tops.

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ADU 1B Le Mans Spitfire [HD]
HD test footage of the le Mans Spitfire at Snetterton. I have permission from MSV Limited (owners of Snetterton) to show this video on YouTube.

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Wheeler Dealers S06E01 1980 Triumph Spitfire 1500
Wheeler Dealers S06E01 1980 Triumph Spitfire 1500

Triumph Spitfire & Austin Healey car race 1964
What was meant to be a fun car race between a Triumph Spitfire and an Austin Healey, ends up in a not so happy ending for the Healey (so Sad!). Clip is from a 1964 B grade movie "Coast of Skeletons."