chevy nova running 12's 283 powered

this is my 283 powered nova running a 12.70 pass on 9-20-08 i won my class during this event the cars best to date is 12.53 and thats on mickey sportsmans with a dual plane intake. my buddys wife shot the video kudos!

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55 Chevy 4 4 09 Web
55 Chevy 1/8 th mile 7.15 et with 283 at Silver Dollar Raceway

1965 283 Nova with open down pipes
Heres my 1965 283 Nova with open pipes before I installed a Pypes Exhaust system.

1964 Chevy II Nova SS 283 V8 -- First run in a decade, fires first crank!
Rebuilt carb, replaced rad hoses, tightened belts, replaced battery, fill with gas, and go!