My 1995 Buick Century few month after maaco paint job

My 1995 Buick Century few month after maaco paint job. held up pretty good in the hursh winter we had.

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Maaco paint job before and after .
via YouTube Capture . This goes out to Maaco Rockaway . You guys did a fantastic job and I couldn't be more happy with the way my car came out . I recommend Maaco to anyone that wants to get a quality paint job at a good price . I got the best package they have and it still only costed me $1,900 . Thank you Maaco Rockaway

Maaco Takes Advantage
I took my car to Tempe Maaco Auto Paint & Auto Body Repair on University after a minor accident I was in and they tried to take me for $400+ extra dollars. I asked for OME, Original Manufactured Equipment and they put aftermarket parts on my car and charged me for the OEM parts! Good try Maaco!


4 Minutes: Cheap Way To Paint Your Car for $50 Rustoleum Roller Paint Job
Scrubbed it down, hosed it off and slapped a paint job on for $50. Results speak for themselves. VT247