Spec V VQ35DE ProEFI Pro48 / JENVEY ITB / JWT C2 Cams 315WHP dyno

Nissan Spec V - VQ Swap VQ35DE NA Build : ProEFI Pro 48 ECU Standalone, JENVEY Individual Throttle Body Kit, 320CFM Ported Heads, JWT C2 261 Cams, 11:1 96MM Pistons, Eagle Rods, Built Motor. Revved out to 8000RPM. Making 315WHP/268TQ

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372whp 350z, ITBs, Head Porting, Longtube Headers
This was the last day before SG was sadly closed. We got the ITBs just in time, installed them and made them work despite missing all of the linkage parts - tuned it and the result was incredible, over 30whp above our already modified intake manifold and 90mm throttle body - that's 55whp more than a factory throttle body and plenum. Read all about it, the head porting, larger cams and injector dynamics injectors in Modified Magazine - coming soon! Follow us at OnPointDyno.com Instagram @OnPointDyno Facebook @OnPointDyno

Built NA VQ35DE w/ cams first start-up!
Balanced & blueprinted shortblock built by SOHO Motorsports, engine assembled and installed by Daniel Demeter, a local mechanic. Forged Wiseco 11:1 pistons Forged Eagle rods ACL bearings All New OEM gaskets/sensors JWT C8 cams DC headers Z1 Motorsport 60mm test pipes (non-resonated) Bassani Exhaust JWT pop charger Motordyne 5/16" plenum spacer Rev-up revision 2 Oil pump Altima water pump 21010-L32002 (2007... might be 2013 version, will have to double check receipts forgot...) Uprev base tune map

414whp VQ35HR N/A Engine Development
OnPoint Dyno and friends are back at it, with ported Jenvey throttle bodies, header length testing, carbon airboxes, and multiple intake trumpets - including 3D printed trumpets courtesy of Jim Wolf Technology. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook @OnPointDyno for the details of the engine, car and for all of your Dyno testing and tuning needs in the Greater Toronto Area.