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Formula Offroad Matrand 2011, stabilized

Formula offroad from Matrand, Norway, 15th of May 2011.


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Formula Offroad, Mysen, Norwegian Cup Finals
The last race in the Norwegian cup. Warning!!! Contains smooth Full HD 1080p/25 half time slow motion footage. Not for the faint of heart! :)

Dustin Webster demo, Eurotrial 2010, Borås, Sweden

Tube buggy in snow
Went to catch some logs, but the logs caught me instead...

Nitteberg in a ditch

Formula offroad Nez-cup Finland 2012 modified
9.6.2012 Saturday. Lanes 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6. MODIFIED.

DVDs & APPAREL - http://www.4x4swag.com The Formula Offroad Unlimited Class hits the speed course at Skien, Norway. Follow us on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/bustedknucklefilms

FORMULA OFFROAD IS AWESOME 2013 (Hadouken! - Levitate)
Music: 'Levitate' by Hadouken, from the album 'Every Weekend' available on iTunes: http://bit.ly/W0U745 http://www.facebook.com/hadoukentheband http://soundcloud.com/hadouken http://www.twitter.com/hadoukenuk http://www.youtube.com/hadoukentheband http://www.hadoukentheband.tumblr.com Video Produced by JAWS4x4 www.jaws4x4.com More Formula Offroad info and videos: http://www.smkplay.se http://www.formulaoffroad.se http://www.formulaoffroad.no

Formula offroad Nez-cup Finland 2012 unlimited
10.6.2012 Sunday. Lanes 3, 4, 5 and 6. UNLIMITED

Formula Offroad NEZ Cup #6
Formula Off Road NEZ Cup #6 from Iceland. For those of you who are new to the sport, this would be the Eastern and Western divisions of FOFF competing for the Cup. This is a highlight from that event where all stops were pulled out for some of the best off road competition anywhere.Courtesy given to Dune TV from Jakob C

NEZ Formula Offroad 2012, Stage 4, Hyvinkää Finland
Unlimited: 1. 102 Roar Johansen, NOR -Thunderbolt. 350 pts. 2. 101 Arne Johannessen, NOR -Lightfoot. 290 pts. 3. 105 Tuukka Laasonen, FIN -Race Linda. 350 pts. 4. 109 Martin Michaelsen, NOR -Insane. 350 pts. 5. 123 Gudbjorn Grimsson, ICL -turbo Tröllid 310 pts. 6. 120 Ulf Drakenheim, SWE -Dragon Wagon. 200 pts. 7. 112 Thomas Lundblad, NOR -DevilX. 350 pts. 8. 107 Tommi Löytyoja, FIN -Big Willy´s. 200 pts. 9. 106 Rolf Keiser, SWE -Terminator. 340 pts. Modified: 10. 214 Petri Simelius, FIN -KOR-661. 160 pts. 11. 203 Jörgen Paulsen, NOR -No Limit. 330 pts. 12. 201 Ketil Johnsen, NOR -Kermitnation. 350 pts 13. 219 Bjarki Reynirsson, ICL -The Animal. 210 pts. Standings after 4. 1. 105 Tuukka Laasonen, FIN -Race Linda. 1284 pts. 2. 109 Martin Michaelsen, NOR -Insane. 1277 pts. 3. 112 Thomas Lundblad, NOR -DevilX. 1236 pts. 4. 102 Roar Johansen, NOR -Thunderbolt. 1190 pts. 5. 101 Arne Johannessen, NOR -Lightfoot. 1186 pts. 6. 106 Rolf Keiser, SWE -Terminator. 1130 pts. 7. 107 Tommi Löytyoja, FIN -Big Willy´s. 1093 pts. 8. 123 Gudbjorn Grimsson, ICL -turbo Tröllid 1028 pts. 9. 120 Ulf Drakenheim, SWE -Dragon Wagon. 946 pts. 10. 124 Ingolfur Gudvardason, ICL -Guttinn. 655 pts 1. 201 Ketil Johnsen, NOR -Kermitnation. 1290 pts. 2. 203 Jörgen Paulsen, NOR -No Limit. 1258 pts. 3. 219 Bjarki Reynirsson, ICL -The Animal. 1069 pts. 4. 214 Petri Simelius, FIN -KOR-661. 897 pts. http://www.madmooseracing.fi/formula-offroad-hyvinkaeae-2012 http://www.formulaoffroad.info/NEZ_Formula_Off_Road/Formula_Off_Road.html

Follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MadRam11 MADRAM11 T-Shirts, Dvds, Hoodies, Koozies and more http://madram11productions.com/mr11store Little compilation of a lot of the guys hitting Tub Rock at the 2012 Grayrock Fall 4 all. Its always fun to watch out different each rig is when they hit an obstacle.

Formula Offroad, Stage 1, 2011 Pälkäne-Kangasala
https://doc-0o-4k-docs.googleusercontent.com/docs/securesc/8p45ncrqf79urpp0 7asici99cqjn1p2p/8i6q9bhk3jvg80tkn7bq5g79tue4go2i/1314161100000/14049596512 700788427/11050673227127397278/0B4Trgn7T4rgHYzk4NzFiNmEtOWQ0Zi00MDcyLWI1NGQ tMjY5YWY4MTAyYWQz?e=download&nonce=424ng44iib2le&user=11050673227127397278& hash=pfuj9eecc4me74rtct7ml7he7qefdn1q 101 UNL. Johansen Roar Formula Offroad Norway Norway Thunderbolt 102 UNL. Johannesen Arne Formula Offroad Norway Norway Lightfoot 104 UNL. Johnsen Mikal Utkanten Offroaders NAF Norway Pegasus 106 UNL. Rimstad Kjell Magne HSCC Norway Kjærran 111 UNL. Keiser Rolf FOFF Sweden Terminator 2 113 UNL. Löytynoja Tommi Mad Moose racing Finland Big Willys 123 UNL. Nordstedt Per Anders Mot Lot racing Sweden T-Rex 126 UNL. Sandkvist Fredrik SMK Uppsala Sweden Predator 130 UNL. Laasonen Tuukka Mad Moose racing Finland Linda 131 UNL. Rustan Ole Kristian Norway T-Rex 201 MOD. Johnsen Ketil KNA Telemark Norway Kermitnation 204 MOD. Kämppi Harri Mad Moose racing Finland Rabis 212 MOD. Berg Michael Denmark Rosinen 216 MOD. Skaar Odd KNA Telemark Norway Wildcat 217 MOD. Bäckroos Kari UAU Finland Suzuki 4x4 218 MOD. Salonen Jare Lopen UA Finland Willyster 219 MOD. Mauriala Ossi Huittisten UA Finland Billy Goat 220 MOD. Simelius Petri RiiUA Finland KOR-661 221 MOD. Fossen Roger Utkanten Offroaders NAF Norway Mad-Croc 222 MOD. Høidalen Jørn Norway Punisher

Formula Offroad NEZ 2012, Akureyri Iceland NEZ 5 &NEZ 6
The Greatest hits and misses at the Torfæra NEZ cup 2012 from Iceland. NEZ5 and NEZ6 from Akureyri, island A fantastic weekend thanks to organizer Bílaklúbbur Akureyrar Video footage courtesy of SMK Uppsala, Keiser Racing and Griddd.se Music by Isobel & November http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-ghostwater-gospel/id507456187 with kind permission from www.dither.se Graphics by Henrik Karlsson Produced by JAWS4x4 www.jaws4x4.com

1200 HP Extreme Hill Climb - Formula Offroad 2013!
Extreme hill climb in Sweden and Ler, Norway 2013. Roar Johansen in Thunderbolt making it look easy in his turbo powered LS3 beast. Produced by: Bjørn Michaelsen, Insane Racing http://www.facebook.com/InsaneRacingTeam Picture by: Jimmy Berggren Extreme jump and crash stunt hill climb

Formula Offroad EXTREME HILL CLIMB - INSANE in Iceland!
Svanur Ørn Thomasson and Ragnar Michelsen in Insane. Formula Offroad NEZ - Championship Akureyri, Iceland 2014! Includes extreme hill climbs and hydroplaning! Produced by Bjørn Michaelsen NEXT HERO and JAWS4x4 / SMK Uppsala Picture by www.HEIMSKA.com Thanks to Johan Waltari and Henrik Vesa #NEXTHERO Akureyri, Iceland, has some intense and steep sand hills and makes it challenging for the drivers to stay on the wheels. It offers a lot of crazy action when the best Formula Off Road drivers from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland meet! The cars have from around 800 plus HP and can do some insane climbs with those huge paddle tires! Extreme Hill Climb Crash Insane Jump

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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Jarryd Dang, Tires: Falken Azenis RT-615

2002 Acura RSX S: 13.583 @ 108.110
Claudio Francisco, Engine: K20A2 2.0L DOHC i-VTEC, Turbos: GReddy kit Tires: 225/45R-17 Toyo T1-S


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