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Formula 1 Middle Finger Collection
Kimi Räikkönen, David coulthard, Felipe Massa, Nick Heidfeld, Michael Schumacher and much more fingers! Look up how formula 1 drivers get mad :P Sorry about the quality, i hope I could remake this hold thing. Vid is really from 2008 just re-uploaded my old banned yt-acc. Also, if I would use better quality, this video would been removed by Formula 1 Managment (I know, my last account got banned cause of that). Recorded via potato. Video matherial: Formula 1 Collected & edited: FinlandRulezz Song: All that remains - Two Weeks - Repaired quote from Heidfeld06: M.Schumacher to G. Berger H-H.Fretzen to M.Blundell D.Coulthard to M.Schumacher F.Massa to D.Coulthard K.Räikkönen to S. Speed N.Heidfeld to T. Glock R.Zonta to marchall MISSING Alonso at Monaco Heidfeld in Monaco Vettel in Malaysia Webber in Malaysia

The funniest moment in motorsport!!!
funny , canberra 2001 marcus ambroses wheel falls off and rolls down the circuit for about 300m funny as heck

Formula1 Funny Moments

F1 Drivers get physical - NEW!
F1 Drivers getting physical and doing funny things.